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Album Review: Nathan Sykes- Unfinished Business

Nathan Sykes’ debut album is now available worldwide, and it is just as amazing as we expected!

After waiting months for his album, fans of Nathan Sykes are finally able to listen to his debut album Unfinished Business, which was released this morning (11th November 2016). We took some time out of listening to the album on repeat to write about each track and what we love about it!

The opening song on an album should be an attention-grabbing hit, pulling the listener further into the album. Nathan achieves this perfectly in Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, with his soulful voice and gospel backing. Paired fantastically with a catchy chorus and brass instruments, the song showcases his astonishing vocal range. You’ll surely be tapping your foot along to this rhythmic tune!

Debut single Kiss Me Quick was released back in 2015 and charted at number 14 in the UK, and number 1 on the Dance Club Songs Billboard Chart. Continuing with the brassy tone, Sykes has added an R&B twist to this hit. The uptempo track is a stride away from his previous songs with hit boyband The Wanted, reinforcing Sykes’ attempts to create his own style and identity away from the band. Following tracks include Money, its sophisticated sound and mix of funk, electro and soulful beats make the track unlike anything else out there, appealing to old and new fans alike; and Freedom, which continues with the upbeat sound and subtle R&B vibes. Twist is next, which brings more of a pop atmosphere, paired brilliantly with a retro-soulful aura. This is one of our favourite tracks and hints at similarities to a Jackson 5 era.

Moving away from the R&B infused soul of the previous tracks, I Can’t Be Mad creates a whole new tone. Its slow tempo, paired with Nathan’s strong yet increasing soft vocals and brilliantly atmospheric piano, creates a powerful love ballad. Lyrics such as ‘I gave you my heart to break, can drown in sorrow, try to numb the pain. But I can’t be mad because I’m the one to blame’ reflects the difficult time Nathan faced when the breakdown of both his band and relationship were impending. This is followed intentionally by There’s Only One Of You, discussing themes of unrequited and lost love. A simple accompaniment of a stripped back acoustic guitar allows Sykes’ soft vocals to take centre stage, with harmonising adding to the somewhat ‘I can get over this’ message.

Next is Nathan’s newest single, Famous. An emotional ballad displaying his vulnerability, is a far step away from tracks such as Good Things Come To Those Who Wait. ‘But will you call me when I’m famous? When I’m famous, would you call my name?’ depicts a scene the singer experienced when someone who spoke to him when he was in the band, suddenly cut him off when their hiatus began.

Following Famous is the captivating Give It Up, which sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a late-night chill out. Featuring G-Eazy, the song was released as Sykes’ third single which received a positive reaction from fans, especially after the flirtatious video which you can see here!

More Than You’ll Ever Know is the 10th track on Unfinished Business. It was originally released as a promotional single back in 2015 to exhibit his new style. The jazzy tones and powerhouse vocals entice listeners to become encapsulated within the song.

Arguably the most anticipated single Nathan has released, Over And Over Again never fails to tug at our heart strings. Confessing his love through (we think) the best lyrics on the album and a gorgeous piano piece, it’s no surprise that it peaked in the top 10 on the UK chart and number one on the US dance chart! Unfinished Business has the original single version, plus the incredible version featuring Ariana Grande as a brilliant bonus!

I’ll Remember You is next, displaying a beautiful string intro which progresses into a soulful piano melody with captivating gospel backing vocals. Developing into a mature breakup song, Nathan talks of how ‘The whole world was ours, we swore we’d never change. But all that we built, came crumbling down’. Whilst the lyrics seem heart-wrenching, the addition of the upbeat tempo detract away from this initial feeling, acting as a reminder that you can move on after a heartbreak whilst still loving that person.

Following is Tears In The Rain, an emotional ballad which is so perfect, no words can do it justice. Go and listen to it to see for yourself! The penultimate track Taken is written by the legendary Diane Warren. Its poppy melody infused with hints of a brass band create a snappy song you won’t be able to get out of your head for the next few days… but you’ll have no problems with that! The album closes with the lyrical genius that is Burn Me Down. It displays a clear message that reciprocated love is important in a relationship. ‘And you tell me you love me, by the way you burn, your fire ignites me. Don’t let it fade away’.

Finally we have our hands on Unfinished Business, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Nathan!

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Track list: Nathan Sykes- Unfinished Business

  1. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
  2. Kiss Me Quick
  3. Money
  4. Freedom
  5. Twist
  6. I Can’t Be Mad
  7. There’s Only One of You
  8. Famous
  9. Give It Up (feat. G-Eazy)
  10. More Than You’ll Ever Know
  11. Over And Over Again
  12. I’ll Remember You
  13. Tears in the Rain
  14. Over And Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande)
  15. Taken
  16. Burn Me Down


Written by Enya Savage

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