ALBUM REVIEW: Thirdstory – ‘Cold Heart’

You’ve probably seen a lot about Thirdstory on CelebMix recently as they’re slowly becoming one of our most played artists of the year. The trio has just released their debut album Cold Heart produced by Grammy-winner Malay so we had high hopes when we checked it out recently.

Cold Heart begins with folky Searching For A Feeling already known to fans due to its appearance on 2016 Searching EP. The strumming guitar backing is the perfect platform for the sincere vocals to glide over. Haunting harmonies of “I’ve been searching for a feeling” ring out in your ears as the track transitions straight into upbeat Hit The Ceiling. The jazzy vibe of this track with swirling guitar lines gets your head in a spin upon first listen when mixed in with heavy synths. What’s become instantly apparent is Cold Heart isn’t going to be sticking to one genre style but instead giving a pick ‘n’ mix of each sound Thirdstory know and love to perform. On and On focuses on the love inspired lyrics and lashings of heartfelt harmonies. Darker in sound, it’s a moment of reflection as lyrics such as “if I could write you a love song, it would go on and on” gives you time to think about that really special person in your life.

Also appearing on the Searching EP G-Train sings of the bands life in New York and is one of the more melody led tracks on the release. The style and sultry sass provided by overlaying vocal harmonies and spoken word from Pusha T allows this track to pack a punch. Using personal situations to create songs allows a insight into the lives of the trio making it easier to connect with this release. Recently released track Still In Love stands out on Cold Heart as one of the slickest, all round exciting moments on the album. From the stunning harmonies, straight out lyrics “I picture you making love to someone else” and soulful vocals it brings together the best of Thirdstory.

Grows Old is the third track making a reappearance from the Searching EP as one of the slowest on the release the emphasis lies on the vocals. Which allows a build up to a huge climax of vocals, harmonies and repetition of sincere lyrics such as “Hold my heart til it grows”. Lyrically this track really is something special and we’re glad it’s been given a new lease of life. What’s become clear as we’ve travelled through this release is vocally is where Thirdstory shine; I’m Coming ‘Round being a perfect example of this. The slow tempo of the track makes the vocals send a shiver down our spine as we get our heads around their delectable harmonies. Only Love is the penultimate track on this release and pulls together element of Cold Heart which has made it such a strong release so far. Wearing their hearts on their sleeves through the open, honest lyrics about falling in love but having fears it’s another one of those relatable lyric moments we’ve seen throughout. Closing the release is an acoustic version of Still In Love featuring Eryn Allen Kane, with a video already released fans have already fallen in love with this duet. The addition of females vocals makes this feel like a sing off between two sets of feeling in a relationship adding a new dynamic to the track. It’s an exciting track made even more exciting with a subtle but superb addition and the perfect way to round off Cold Heart.

Thirdstory are doing something new with this release, they’re bringing back harmonies in the bucketload which we absolutely love. Keep an eye on CelebMix for more news about Thirdstory and check out Cold Heart here.




Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.