Frank Ocean hints at the release of his new album “Boys Don’t Cry”

Frank Ocean’s “Boys Don’t Cry” has been delayed 15 times! But it seems that the album will finally see the light of the day.

Ocean posted two pictures on his website today; one containing a cryptic message, with all the dates that were thought to be the release date with July 2016 at the bottom, and the other  in which the singer can be seen stacking up the copies of the album.

I got two versions. I got twoooo versions. #ISSUE1 #ALBUM3 #JULY2015 #BOYSDON’TCRY

When Malay, Frank’s producer was asked by Pitchfork about the release of the album he said,

“I always tell people: when he’s ready, the world is gonna get it. It could be tomorrow… well not tomorrow, but maybe a month. We’ve all been working hard. He’s been working super hard. I feel like he’s working harder than he’s ever worked in his life. I’m excited for everyone to hear it. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised, for sure.”

Fans have been desperately waiting for Frank’s album and the list of people waiting includes none other than Adele. In her interview with Rolling Stone, “Someone Like You” hitmaker said,

“It’s taking so fucking long. That sounds so stupid, coming from me, doesn’t it?”

The cryptic message in the first image tells us that we have all the reasons to wait this month for the supposed album release. If it does get dropped, it’s gonna be the biggest release of the year.

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