We Spoke to Alessia Cara Fans to Find Out Why They Love Her So Much

Alessia Cara is one of the music industry’s biggest influences on today’s youth, and if you don’t know who she is you’re about to. Alessia’s music, talent, voice, passion, and personality have touched the hearts of many fans around the world, making her an international phenomenon.

She has just finished touring with British rock band Coldplay, and is about to embark on part two of her Know It All tour. She has also just released her newest single “Scars To Your Beautiful“, a song based on beauty, acceptance, society, and standards.

The song itself is a positive message towards young women and men, struggling to accept and love themselves for who they are due to the standards in society. Alessia has even stated in many interviews that whenever she performs the song live, she will be “make-up free” because beauty comes in many different forms, not just from make-up.

Her goal? To teach youth through this song that it’s okay to be yourself and love yourself.

CelebMix had the pleasure of talking to some of her most dedicated fans to find out why they love Alessia and what Scars means to them.

Vanessa | 14 | United States – “I love Alessia because she’s so kind and humble. What Scars means to me is that my body is something that is beautiful, despite beauty standards.”

Kayla | 13 | United States – “I love Alessia because she’s an inspiration to both boys and girls. I love Scars because it teaches us to be ourselves, not to care about what the world thinks of us, and not to care about what the world expects us to be.”

Sophie | 15 | United Kingdom – “I love Alessia because she’s not only an inspiration to women but men as well, and she’s my inspiration; I appreciate everything she does. Scars is the best song on Know It All because without that song, I wouldn’t be who I am today. She’s made me feel so confident in myself, and she’s also helped so many other amazing people.”

Ellie | 16 | Canada – “When I started listening to Alessia, I was a mess. I wasn’t happy and I felt broken inside. Long story short, I was in a very dark place in my life but she showed me how I could get myself out. She showed me how to pick myself up and dust myself off, because things were going to get better.

I listen to a variety of musicians and artists in the industry, but only a handful of those people have touched me and spoke to me through their music. Alessia Cara is one of them.

Scars To Your Beautiful is by far one of my favourite songs on her album “Know It All”. The song means more to me than anything in the world, and I’ll tell you why. For several years I’ve been dealing with low self-esteem, a list full of insecurities, trying desperately to meet the standards that society has placed on young women and men, and zero confidence in myself.

Scars has taught me that I’m not made to please anybody, that I’m not supposed to change myself to fit in or for people to like me, that the world that we live in is ugly and that it’s supposed to change, not us. The song has taught me how to learn to love and accept myself; how to love the skin that I’m in.

And slowly one day at a time, I am. I’m learning how to love and accept myself, I’m learning how to grow my self-confidence and self-esteem, I’m learning how to shrink the long list of my insecurities, and I’m learning how to ignore those standards that have been placed on young men and women to look perfect.

What this generation has failed to understand is that nobody is perfect, and that we weren’t born to be absolutely flawless and squeaky clean. We were born to be ourselves and to be happy, but the world is just so focused on looking perfect that the concept of being happy is something they can’t see.

There aren’t enough words to describe how thankful I am to have Alessia show me that there’s more to life than beauty; that ‘beauty goes deeper than the surface‘. That’s why I want to thank her by getting “You don’t have to change a thing, the world can change its heart, no scars to your beautiful” tattooed on my 18th birthday, and I’m hoping she’ll write it.

This tattoo will be my daily reminder that I’m not perfect, that I’m not meant to be, that being happy is what’s important, and if I’m ever in a dark place I’ll find that light. So thank you Alessia, for being my light, my inspiration, and my reason to keep believing.”

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Written by Ellie Doe-Demosse

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