Promotional photo for "Sky High" which sees Alex Shade in front of a blue sky with light blue clouds in the background. His dirty blonde hair is a messy mid-short length and he is wearing a white t-shirt under a dark blue jacket.

Alex Shade spreads positivity with his new single and music video titled “Sky High”

Rising talent, Alex Shade, has dropped his first single and music video of 2023, titled “Sky High”. This release follows up his 2021 single “Out of My Mind”.

Alex Shade is a multi-talented pop singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer from Paris, now residing in Los Angeles. Known for his unique blend of pop and hip-hop music, Alex Shade has become a popular figure in the United States and Europe as his Instagram showcases, with him having over 29.1k followers. His passion for the music industry has already led to great opportunities and recognition. With a background in music from the age of 13, Alex Shade has never been afraid to take risks to achieve his goals. He uses his life experiences and lyrical versatility to captivate audiences and create a new sound in the industry, especially with his mix of pop and hip-hop. In 2021, Alex Shade released his first album “Shade” which showcases his expertise, power, and bold personality. Alex Shade’s success is not limited to his music, as he has a business-oriented mindset and continues to work on projects that involve endorsement deals and collaborations with celebrities. He also established his own record label, “Shade Dynasty Records” to help independent artists achieve their goals. With his incredible personality, dedication, and talent, Alex Shade is poised to become a leading voice in the music industry.

Written and produced by the artist himself, “Sky High” fully allows Alex Shade to showcase his versatility across both the pop and hip-hop genres that his music dips and dives in. The accompanying music video adds to his independency as he also directed and produced the visuals himself as well as the film and photography were done by his own company, Shade Dynasty. He certainly knows the direction he wants to go in when it comes to his music and the music industry as a whole, with additional themes of style and fashion – as showcased in the music video.

Watch the music video for “Sky High” by Alex Shade here:

Leaning more into the hip-hop side of his music, Alex Shade doesn’t hold back with “Sky High” as he spreads positivity in the lyrics of the track and feels like he’s on cloud nine. The chorus is beyond addicting, with this excellent singer-songwriter determined for you to be hearing this song on repeat, inside your head, right after the first listen, and that’s exactly what “Sky High” does. The unforgettable melody keeps pace with Alex Shade’s flow, adding to the hyped vibe of the song, soaring listeners into the sky and making us want to catch a flight, like right now.

As for the music video, it showcases Alex Shade as a dynamic and promising artist. His emotive delivery and relatable lyrics complement the upbeat energy of the track. The visuals are centred around the “Sky High” theme, featuring stunning landscapes and expertly captured footage. Alex Shade’s style and fashion, including his striking blue Louis Vuitton leather denim blouson jacket, only add to the overall impact of the production. The music video successfully presents Alex Shade as an artist who knows his strengths and uses them to full effect.

Stream the brand-new song on Spotify here:

“Sky High” by Alex Shade is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms via Shade Dynasty Records.

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