Alexa Villa Shares Bold New Single “Good Girl”

Rising pop meets rock singer-songwriter Alexa Villa has unleashed an explosive anthem of empowerment. Entitled “Good Girl”, the single is the first of the year from this talented Southern California based artist. 

“Good Girl” is all about the ridiculous rules society can put on women and how freeing yourself from these rules can lead to a life of happiness and success.  She confides, “I wrote ‘Good Girl’ about all the times I felt I was not taken seriously as a woman in my industry and in my relationships. I wrote it about all the times I’ve felt confused about my place in the world and the times I felt like I needed to hide. I wrote this song to redefine what a ‘Good Girl’ is. I’ve caught myself and I’ve seen so many of my friends, strong and beautiful women, altering themselves to fit inside the box that was created for us. I wake up everyday and get to decide who I want to be. That’s what this song is about.” With vivacious and hard-hitting vocals that soar into a dynamic chorus, “Good Girl” highlights infectious pop melodies with a raw punk rock delivery. 

Alexa Villa is known for her heart on the sleeve lyrics and irresistable fusion of punk, pop and rock.  The Los Angeles based artist takes influences from a diverse array of artists including Alanis Morisette, Willow Smith and Halsey to name a few.  Finding success with her fiercely inviting live show, Alexa has performed at The Warped Tour and can often be seen wowing audiences in Southern California. 

Check out Alexa Villa’s “Good Girl” and remember it is ok not to fit into what society says you should. Tweet @celebmix something that makes you unique and proud, no matter what society says.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast