Alexandra Stan Releases Music Video For New Single “Noi 2”

The follow up to “Boy Oh Boy” is here; the new music video is titled “Noi 2”; pronounced “Noi Doi”. This is Alexandra Stan’s first solo single that is completely in her home language of Romanian; she has previously featured on various Romanian-language songs such as Hi-Q’s “Mor de dor”, Trumpa Zero’s “Inima de gheata”, Dorian’s “Motive”, and Criss Blaziny’s “Au gust zilele”.

The song was written by Alexandra Stan and Chriss JustUs; whilst it was produced by Cristian Tarcea, Alex Parker, and Laurentiu Popescu. The video itself was directed by Bogdan Paun. The title “Noi 2” translates into English as “Us 2”.

Watch Alexandra Stan’s Music Video To “Noi 2” Here:

She looks relaxed and confident singing this song in her home language. “Noi 2” is a summer relaxing anthem that showcases Alexandra Stan’s sensual vocals. It reminds us of her previous singles “Vanilla Chocolat” and “Ecoute” whilst definitely showing her progress as an artist. This is a great follow-up to “Boy Oh Boy” and we cannot wait for her fourth studio album.

As for the music video, it relates to the song very well, with its sensual visuals. Unfortunately, there is no love interest, unless you count the one scene where the three girls are pulling a towel from a guy’s waist. The whole visual is very cheeky and totally brings out Alexandra Stan’s flirtatious side.

Other scenes see this Romanian female singer riding the waves on a yacht with her two female friends; parading around with a blow-up banana; and hanging out with her friends at a circus in a cute themed outfit. This all comes together in such a perfect way. This is Romanian pop music at its best.

The future for Alexandra Stan seems bright; she has a new album on the verge of being released, and she is gearing up to drop her clothing line Stan by Alexandra Stan.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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