“All-Units,” the Life Story of Mandy Lemond is a NY Times Best Seller Contender

Throughout the course of a person’s life there are peaks and valleys, and when one of them happens, it can affect them at any given time. When people react to difficult situations, you can get a sense of what’s going on in their heart, mind, and character because we see more clearly how they respond than anything else. The people who inspire us allow us to look at ourselves in retrospect and align our values and principles with people who are setting high standards for leadership, as well as showing resilience in the face of adversity. In Hollywood, these stories are often transformed into films or mini-series that depict real-world events. What can be learned from this? Stories are multi-layered, and in some cases, society is solely liable for the collateral damage that occurs.

At first glance, if you were to have a look at the resume of award-winning producer Mandy Lemond, you would be inclined to only look at the highlights of her success in the entertainment industry. Her back story shows the true heart of a champion and hero to many afflicted with abuse, as she highlighted within Entrepreneur Magazine interview.

There are a lot of milestones in our lives that we look back on fondly as children, such as taking our first steps or graduating from high school. It is the age of innocence, when children are allowed to wonder and experience life in a safe haven, only revealing harsh realities through loving parents who would explain situations in a simple and loving manner. An unwritten rule of parenting is to protect your children whenever possible.

It is difficult to imagine that a child could witness the murder of their mother or father while nearly losing their own life. Imagine that the child survived, but was placed in a foster home where his or her foster parents mistreated him or her. Those who consider themselves religious may compare this experience to Hell, with countless abuses to endure for all eternity. While a bystander may be able to turn a remote control off or look away from a situation, a child experiencing these events firsthand experience the opposite.

Mandy Lemond is familiar with this story, because it is hers. She hopes to use her success as a springboard for change.  The very act of confronting abusers or sharing their stories in public causes many victims of abuse to remain paralyzed in fear, and many of them lock their abusers’ secrets away. One of the most courageous acts of strength is to be completely vulnerable in the face of danger, yet to proceed knowing your experiences will help the next generation of children escape the prison of abuse. This is the legacy Amanda Lemond will leave behind for future generations, as her movement will reverberate for years to come.

To begin a new chapter in her life, she is releasing a memoir called “All Units,” which details her way of coping with everyday life so that others in the same situation will remain hopeful and realize that things can improve. This is not a book for the weak of heart, as she takes readers through turmoil that can only be felt through each chapter. It’s a story that speaks for the voiceless and for the countless children who suffer from this same drama every minute of their lives who are looking for a champion to follow where real change exists.

The book has already received a lot of attention, and it is due for release this year. Mandy Lemond’s participation in the projects she will be collaborating with will be greatly looked forward to by all of us.

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Mandy Lemond Emmy Award winning Producer.

Mandy Lemond now serves as a Coach and Motivational Speaker. Ms. Lemond helps others with her mantra of “Turn Your Mess, into a Message.”

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