All You Need To Know About Lights ‘Skin & Earth’ Acoustic

For some CelebMix readers, Lights will need no introduction however for those of you yet to be introduced this Canadian star.  You might know Lights from her 2009 debut album The Listening or follow-up releases Siberia or Little Machines but we’re here to tell you all about the stunning body of work which is Skin&Earth set for acoustic release on Friday (12th).

In 2017, Lights released her fourth album Skin&Earth which has since seen her riding a wave of success and undertaking a series of new musical ventures. Alongside the release of the music album Lights unveiled a comic book series connected directly with the tracks on the album with each monthly issue correlating to a track, bring an album to life right before the listener’s eyes. Earlier this year Lights took her novel to London’s MCM Comic Con; her first con putting on a packed panel to music and comic lovers alike.

But back to the music as there’s been lots of it: The album has seen a selection of singles released from it including Savage which has become a fan favourite thanks to the fiery, in your face and singalong abilities it possesses promising a memorable live experience, it also saw Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots enlisted for the video. Powerful Giants was the first taste of Skin&Earth which fans were treated to and has since been the standard.

Now if one album just wasn’t enough she’s decided to give it a whole new take by releasing an acoustic version of the album but with a twist. Sticking to the creative concepts exhibited across the album campaign the latest sees each track record in unique locations inspired by the tracks theme and lyric material. For example; Skydiving saw Lights recording the track on the top of the cliff whilst when we chatted to her earlier this year at Slam Dunk Festival she let us in on more of the recording ideas. The release also brings three new tracks alongside the re-worked versions including new single Lost Girls which has become a live set highlight at recent shows.

Looking ahead to the future the coming months are going to be an incredibly exciting time for Lights fans. It has recently been announced that Jennifer Kretchmer and Jay Bushman will be undertaking writing duties for the TV version of the Skin&Earth comic book series meaning producers and writers are now in place. This creative project is expanding by the day and we cannot wait to see how it continues to evolve thanks to the overwhelming creativity of Lights and her mind.

Skin&Earth Acoustic Tracklisting:

  1. Skydiving (Cliff Recording)
  2. Until the Light (Truck Cab Recording)
  3. Savage (Rain Recording)
  4. New Fears (Bedroom Recording)
  5. We Were Here (Tunnel Recording)
  6. Kicks (River Recording)
  7. Almost Had Me (Desert Recording)
  8. Tabs
  9. Lost Girls
  10. Down Forever

Lights will be heading out on tour across North America on her Skin&Earth Acoustic tour in the coming months alongside performing with Deadmau5 over in the US during Autumn. Find out all you need to know and where you can catch her live here. Skin&Earth Acoustic is released via Fueled By Ramen/Parlophone Records on Friday 12th July. You can pre-order the release here.

At Slam Dunk South earlier this year we sat down with Lights to find out more about the plans for this year and Skin&Earth, we loved chatting to Lights so we have a feeling you’ll love reading it too. Tweet us @CelebMix and let us know your thoughts!

Written by Nicola Craig

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