Allegra Returns With New Single ‘If You Wanna Love Me’

The release of ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ by the British rising dance-pop star Allegra marks a new era for the 19-year-old. With each single, Allegra continues her successful streak and showcases significant growth and level of maturity.

Looking back at her debut release, ‘All About Us,’ Allegra keeps on delivering and confirming her place in the dance-pop world. For someone that young, still navigating through the impediments of adolescence, Allegra seems to be wearing distraction goggles that are helping her stay in her lane.

‘If You Wanna Love Me’ gives off the same energy. Following up after the empowering ‘Used To Miss You,’ Allegra knows better and demands only the best for herself. Accompanied by retro disco beats, on the new track, the songstress speaks for us all when she sings, “if you wanna love me, you gotta take me to paradise.”

In all honesty, Allegra is taking the dance-pop world by storm. ‘If You Wanna Love Me’ is an exceptional addition to her growing smashing discography that qualifies her for an artist to watch next year.

Written by Emma

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