Like many I am a huge fan of Gogglebox, whoever thought watching people watch TV would be entertaining.

Well, it seems like Shia LaBeouf could be a fan too, or maybe this is just another of his projects that I’m sure make perfect sense to him, and confuses the rest of us.

Currently Mr LaBeouf is sat in a cinema in New York watching all of his movies, starting with his most recent film Man Down, working his way through the years to his first.

Yeah.. Us to!

The project or performance, how ever you wish to look at it, is set to last 24hrs a day for the next three days, and get this if you are a local New Yorker you can join him for free.

But don’t worry, if you like me are separated by an ocean, you can watch the whole thing HERE

Grab your popcorn guys, it’s going to be a long three days.

Written by CelebMix