Alt-pop Artist Abby Sage Shares New Single And Video For “Pool Party”

LA/London based alt-pop artist Abby Sage shared her new intimate and thought-provoking single “Pool Party.”The track was written during a writing trip to London and produced by British producer duo MyRiot (London Grammar, AURORA, Halsey).

The release is accompanied by a drop of an experimental music video directed by Aidan Dick. As the press release notes, the visuals exemplify how often young adults must hide behind an invisible mask to get through the day-to-day runnin’ around that no one prepared them for. Both honest and utterly relatable, Abby Sage arrives with a new perspective on the contemporary world, for better or worse.

Speaking about her new single, Abby Sage shares this: “Pool Party is a metaphor for kids not being prepared for the world. ‘Pool party kids can’t swim they ask nobody just sink to the bottom and think (off the deep end).’ Kids are dealt a tough hand, having such a vast amount of information at their fingertips with nobody to guide them or explain what it all means. They have to drown to learn.”

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Written by Magdalena

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