Alt-pop duo Hooked Like Helen shares a new cover version of Tori Amos’ song ‘Winter’

Ohio-born and based Alt-Pop duo Hooked Like Helen will be releasing their cover version of Tori Amos song ‘Winter’ on the 6th of January via Stipp Manor Music.

Hooked Like Helen’s Tori Amos cover of Winter is deeply melodic and despite Nikki’s hauntingly powerful vocals, the track has an elegant warmth to it, which allows one to engage with the track from the opening bar to the last. Nikki and Jon tell us about the inspiration behind their cover of ‘Winter’ (Tori Amos Cover), “When our friend/fitness instructor asked us to play “Winter” by the incomparable Tori Amos, within minutes of dissecting the first few bars of the song we quite frankly fell in love with it. We realised that it needed to become a more significant part of our musical journey and we decided to record a full-length cover of “Winter” for release to the world”.

Hooked Like Helen is husband-and-wife duo Nikki and Jonathan Stipp, whose sound embodies a unique vein of alternative music; dark lyrical themes of unresolved trauma and existential pondering providing a refreshingly authentic perspective crafted from their home studio in the woods outside Cleveland. Their combined musical influences include artists such as Queen, Michael Jackson, Twenty One Pilots, Green Day, Tori Amos, Mariah Carey, Nirvana, and Prince whilst Nikki’s powerful vocals bring to mind artists such as Kate Bush and Ellie Goulding.


Written by Magdalena

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