Alt rock Artist Blisshouse. Just Dropped his Infectious New Single “All Night”

Blisshouse. contrasts the mundane familiarity of his everyday life with an explosive frustration and desire to be something more on his newly released single “All Night”. While the “long night” Blisshouse. writes about often passes silently and slowly, this track is anything but that. With guitar riffs reminiscent of a modern, refined Yellowcard and sharp, descending echoes on the 808, this arrangement is a restless profile on anxiety. While the energy is free-wheeling, the masterful production seamlessly ties the abstract emotions of this single together. There is nothing Blisshouse. holds back on this electrically poised and daringly personal profile piece.

“All Night” grapples with the permanence of each moment. “Nothing left to say cause I don’t know if I’m ever gonna change.” Truthful and to the point. While waiting to become ourselves, it’s never instantaneous. Blisshouse. uses his own voice as backup vocals to interact with the lyrics on the surface, taking on a subconscious dialogue effect. “Feels like I’m wasting this life that I’m chasing,” Blisshouse. writes. He appeals to those up all night, second guessing, stuck. Growling, effervescent vocals, dizzy guitar spells, and questions left unanswered draw the ear out of the darkness on this new release.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast