Aly & AJ Have Released A Brand New Single Titled “Good Love”

Aly & AJ continue to show that they are on-form and fully back in the music industry with another brand new song. Titled “Good Love”, we assure you that this is one track you won’t be able to stop listening to. This single release follows up their EP, titled Ten Years, which they released last year.

These two sisters have been going for years dipping into films and acting as well as singing. Alyson Michalka and Amanda Joy Michalka are the duo’s members and they went viral with their 2007 single, titled “Potential Breakup Song”. They are generally known as Disney stars, as in their first few years they appeared in Disney Channel films, and promoted their music at the same time; Aly Michalka is best known, Disney Channel-wise, for being in Phil of the Future and the Now You See It… film, whereas AJ Michalka didn’t get into Disney films until Cow Belles which also stars her sister. Nowadays, she’s best known for playing Lainey Lewis in The Goldbergs. As for Aly Michalka, she’s best known for being in iZombie where she plays Peyton Charles. They’ve been bouncing back into the music industry for a while now, and we have really missed them.

This song, “Good Love”, feels like a track that they missed off the Ten Years EP. It has their brand new sound that still is amazingly catchy. The song is beyond emotional and really shows how far they have come as an artist.

Listen To Aly & AJ’s New Single “Good Love” Here:

Vocals on point throughout, Aly & AJ have stripped away from the mainstream-pop they used to release back in the day and instead given us something new and fresh. It has an intricate rhythm alongside emotional, meaningful lyrics about loving someone and waiting for that person.

“Good Love” is available to download and stream right now. If you want more music from this duo, we highly suggest you check out their recently-released EP, Ten Years.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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