American Horror Story: Lady Gaga Feels Alive

With American Horror Story Hotel, Lady Gaga entered a new artistic adventure that she had not experienced yet. She’s now a part of the AHS family and  says how much she enjoys. She may plays the bloodsucking and well-dressed Countess on the show, but she says the role made her feel the opposite of undead.

“It’s been so fun” said Gaga, who arrived fashionably late in a red gown with a thigh-high slit. “Everybody on this cast has been really open and available to me in a very honest way, so I’m able to be myself in a way I feel like I haven’t been in a really long time, so they are just making me feel so alive.”

Prasing serie co-creator Ryan Murphy she also said “I’m just really happy to be a part of it. I like being a part of someone else’s vision – It’s really exhilarating.”

Gaga tweeted her excitement ahead the premiere, noting that it was the first she attending as an actress. She also shared photos from the festivities, including the preparation and one with a drink her Countess character would approve.

Alongside his cast of regulars and semi-regulars (but without Jessica Lange), this year’s series also stars Matt Bomer, Max Greenfield, Naomi Campbell and Darren Criss.

“She’s so approachable that she totally just was there for us … at by the time the cameras were rolling and we were in a scene together, we weren’t thinking about the fact that you were doing a scene with Lady Gaga.” said Bomer.

The new AHS season Hotel is coming this Wednesday 7th October on Fox. The typically surreal trailers give us a few clues as to what to expect (monsterrr), but with this series, there’s always an element of shock and surprises.

Written by CelebMix