Recap of America’s Got Talent Auditions Week 4

The America’s Got Talent auditions continued this week, and again, we saw another set of diverse and exciting acts. What we love about this show is that each week is different and we never know what to expect. However, one statement remains true – the competition is only getting tougher.

In case you missed the most recent episode, here is a recap!

Danell Daymon & Greater Works

Greater Works is a contemporary gospel choir run by Danell Daymon. The members of the choir are from all over the country. For their audition, they performed “This Little Light of Mine.” They received a standing ovation from all four of the judges and the entire audience!

Jay Jay Philips

Jay Jay Phillips started by saying that his performance is inspired by a recent heartbreak he went through with a girl named Amber. Although he had the whole crowd on their feet, Heidi buzzed him, expecting more from his performance. Mel B and Howie agreed to put him through to the next round, leaving the decision up to Simon, who gave him a “yes.”


Anthony Penoso

Anthony Penoso is a 58-year-old attorney in Jacksonville, Florida. He said that he had to give up music when he became a lawyer. However, when he got married, his wife encouraged him to return to music. He started performing a song called “Young Enough” but the judges buzzed him out within seconds. Simon asked him to perform a different song, but it looks like the judges were not thrilled with that performance either.

Just Jerk

Just Jerk is a dancing group from South Korea. They came on America’s Got Talent because they said it would be their last big performance together as a group, since in their country, it is required for all males to serve in the military for two years. All four judges gave them a yes!


Men With Pans

Men With Pans is a comedy duo who definitely shocked both the judges and the audience. They first came on the stage dressed as chefs, and Heidi thought they would be juggling for their act. When they left the stage and then came back, they were nude, with only pans to help cover themselves. Simon and Mel B buzzed them out, but Howie and Heidi both gave them a standing ovation. Eventually, Howie, Heidi, and Mel B agreed to put the two men through to the next round.


DeNiro Guy

DeNiro Guy is exactly what you think – a Robert De Niro impersonator. For his act, he also impersonated other celebrities, such as Jack Nicholson, John Travolta and Christopher Walken. He then went on to read “Wise Guy Nursery Rhymes” but unfortunately, both the audience and the judges didn’t seem too impressed.

Darcy Callus

Darcy Callus is a singer from Australia. He dedicated his rendition of the Beach Boys classic “God Only Knows” to his father.


Bello Nock

Bello Nock says he wants to change the meaning of the word “clown.” For his audition, he performed a daredevil stunt which put him 37 feet high in the air. He definitely scared everyone in the room, especially Tyra! After debating whether to put him through or not, all four judges eventually gave him a yes!

Tom London

Tom London is a 25-year-old magician and his ultimate dream is to perform in Vegas. For his audition, he invited a few guests from the audience, as well as help from Tyra. He received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

Evie Clair

Evie gave a very emotional performance of Christina Perri’s “Arms.” She dedicated it to her father, who is currently battling cancer.


Light Balance

Light Balance is a Ukraine dancing group who use neon lights on their costumes. Tyra was so impressed with the group that she gave them the Golden Buzzer! This puts the crew straight through to the live shows!


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Written by Michele Mendez

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