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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Brian Justin Crum Talks About New Single & Video “I & U” As Well As Competing On America’s Got Talent: The Champions

Back in June, Brian Justin Crum released his brand new single “I & U” and it wasn’t long after that he dropped an accompanying music video which is full of confidence and self-love. He has continued to prove his place in music and this track fully allows him to express himself and we’re all for it.

Brian Justin Crum is an American singer and actor from California. He started his music career fresh out of high school when he starred in the Broadway musical, Wicked. Not long afterwards, he was also cast for the musicals Altar Boyz, Grease, and Next To Normal. Yet, it was being part of We Will Rock You, as Galileo Figaro, that gave him rave reviews and led to him winning a few awards. Soon enough, in 2016, with the intention to pursue a music career, he auditioned for the 11th season of NBC’s talent show America’s Got Talent, where he made it to the Final, claiming a respectable fourth place. Fast forward a few years and he competed in the spin-off show America’s Got Talent: The Champions, which saw him win the public vote in his heat and advancing to the final, where he finished within the top 12. Over the years, he has released a number of singles and remixes with “Show Me Love” being his most-streamed track on Spotify. He is currently working on his debut EP, which we expect the latest tracks “I & U” and “Circles” will be a part of.

We were honoured to be able to exclusively interview Brian Justin Crum about his new single and music video “I & U“, his time on America’s Got Talent as well as The Champions version, and his upcoming plans.

Hi Brian, thank you for taking the time out to answer these questions. We hope you are well. What have you been up to lately?

I’ve been blessed to be traveling and performing all over the world! I’ve also been in the studio working my butt off on new music!

You recently dropped the song “I & U”, can you tell us more about the song?

I had a relationship end after a bit of a tumultuous run… Once it finally ended, there was a feeling of freedom but also a sadness. Remembering the good and wondering why we could never communicate in a way that ironed out all the wrinkles.

What has the reaction been like to the track?

It’s been amazing! It’s quickly becoming my most-streamed single!

What five words would you use to describe the song?

Passionate. Fun. Electric. Smooth. Sexy.

The track is expected to appear on your forthcoming debut EP, can you tell us more about this EP?

I’m not too focused on the EP just yet. I’m really focused on getting a constant flow of material that I love out in the world.

Now, the music video for “I & U” was recently dropped. How did it feel to film the video?

It was really fun! The fashion was the best part. Putting together the looks with my stylist and creating a vibe.

It was directed by Riley Robbins. What was he like to work with?

Riley is great. He’s smooth and charming and never pressed. He definitely brings a calmness to set.

Can you tell us more about the music video and its concept?

The concept for the video was about highlighting queer fashion and imagery. Sexy and raw.

You stated that you wanted to cast diverse women in your music video as women have always supported the LGBTQ+ community and that we should support them back. Can you explain more about that idea?

We were working on this video when the new abortion laws started to make headlines. I was so lost what to do outside of voicing my opinion on social media. It felt like a good moment for me to invite some amazing powerful women on set. I wanted us to have a celebration of that power. I’m always looking for ways that I can be an ally and this felt like a good start.

Upon the release of the music video, you thanked Adam Lambert, on an Instagram post, for being one of your inspirations and being himself. How much has he inspired you, and why?

I’ve known Adam since I was 15. We took from the same voice teacher growing up and I always looked up to him. He was that cool older kid I wanted to be like. As we both grew in this business there was always this parallel between us and having him as this light kinda showing the way was awesome. For me, he was the first OUT queer artist that was so loud and proud. I was very inspired by that.

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Growing up in the theatre I was always told to “butch it up” if I wanted to be a star. I thought I was able to separate what that meant from life to the stage but as I got older I felt the need to appear MASC- bleeding into my day to day life. There were male pop stars that were glam/queer but they were all closeted and people could always cop it out to performance art. It wasn’t until @adamlambert hit the scene and was so unapologetically himself, gay/queer/glam, that we as artists were finally given permission to not only be glam but be OUT. As I prepare for the release of the video for “I & U” (which is the first time I’ve ever felt brave enough to dress my outsides the way my insides felt) I want to say thank you to every artist, especially Adam, that gave me the confidence to do so. Be proud of ALL that you are babies, you are perfect and lovable in the skin you are in! #HappyPride ? . . . Styled by @davidgangel Seen by @imagesbymarkmendoza

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Who else in the music industry has inspired you?

Sia, Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, and George Michael.

Where else do you draw inspiration from?

Art, the human body, Queer culture of the past.

What have been the highlights of your career to-date?

This summers Pride tour. It was so incredible to see so many young queer kids in the audiences that were standing in their truth. It’s the first generation that was seeing this! So young, so strong, so beautiful. It’s an exciting time.

We loved you on America’s Got Talent: The Champions and we were so happy to see you make the final. What was that competition like?

Competition shows are just that… I don’t thrive in that environment. I think there’s room for anyone to win. The show was really just about utilizing that amazing platform.

How did it differ from the normal version of America’s Got Talent?

Well, this time we had food and a private area to be! It’s the little things, right?

You even duetted with Cristina Ramos on the results show, singing the song “The Show Must Go On” whilst Deadly Games performed an act. What was that performance like?

I think it’s one of the most exciting performances on a competition show ever! It was thrilling to do and so thrilling to watch on TV!

Your voices sounded amazing together, any chance there would be an official collaboration released? We can hope, right?

I would LOVE that!

What else can we expect from you for the rest of the year?

Lots more music!

And, finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Thank you! Thank you for standing by me as I explore and find myself as a human and an artist. The way you all show up for me fills my heart with gratitude and Pride and I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you! LOVE YOU ALL!

Thank you, Brian Justin Crum, for taking the time out to answer our questions, We adore your track “I & U” and we can’t wait to hear your upcoming music releases.

I & U” is available to download and stream right now. He revealed that more new music is on its way, so why not familiarize yourself with his previous releases on Spotify as we await new material.

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