America’s Got Talent Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong On Live TV

America’s Got Talent is the number 1 broadcast series this summer. This is the second week for the live shows. 12 acts performed, but one act had a major accident.

Ryan Stock & AmberLynn are an engaged couple who do dangerous stunts. Ryan puts objects in his mouth, which can range from swords to drills. The judges were hesitant to put the duo through to the live shows at first because the act is terrifying, but mesmerizing.

On Tuesday night, Ryan Stock & AmberLynn went on stage to perform. Ryan, again, swallowed objects, such as a curved sword and an arrow. The set had a 1950s themed “I Love Lucy” feel as the judges put it. The innocent setup kept the audience distracted from the truly dangerous and life-threatening stunts happening on stage.

For their grand finale, Ryan put a target in his mouth and AmberLynn took a bow and arrow and set the arrow on fire. She then aimed at the target, but somehow, the arrow missed and hit Ryan in the neck. Ryan then clutched his neck and it was obvious that he was hurt.

Watch Ryan Stock & AmberLynn’s Dangerous Stunt Here:


The camera then panned to the judges, who were in complete shock.

The judges all urged Ryan to get check by the EMT backstage, but he insisted that he was fine.

The judges then attempted to offer feedback, but they were at a loss of words.

Simon interrupted by saying,”Why are we judging this act? Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital now! I’m being serious.”

After the commercial break, host Nick Cannon reassured the viewers that Ryan is okay, but bruised.

In an interview after the show, the duo revealed that the reason for the accident was due to a weapon malfunction. They reviewed the footage and AmberLynn’s aim was on point. When they checked the arrow backstage, they noticed that it was broken and that’s why it missed, but also hadn’t punctured Ryan’s throat.

Ryan also went on Twitter to explain the situation to fans.

Stunts like this prove that anything can happen on live TV. It’s important to not attempt these acts at home. Even with professionals, something can always go wrong.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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