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Amy Loftus Drops ‘Keep Me Wild,’ ft. ‘Down The Line’

Singer-songwriter Amy Loftus dropped her new album, Keep Me Wild, just moments ago.

According to Loftus, Keep Me Wild is “about being alone until finding love, falling in love and staying in love. It’s about seeing life as a traveling-through-time experience, and aging well.” The lead track on the album, “Down The Line,” resonates with Fleetwood Mac-like rock textures, smooth yet potent and mesmerizing.

Originally from Chicago, Loftus attended the University of Kansas, earning a degree in Art History. Later, while living in Nashville, Loftus shared the stage with John McEuen and Christopher Cross, among others. Currently based in Los Angeles, Loftus’ music features frequently in films and television, including Katherine Heigl’s One For The Money, and Sons of Anarchy. Loftus also hosts “Something Better,” a podcast on Apple.

Encompassing 10-tracks, the album starts off with “Concrete Driveways,” a gorgeous alt-pop number flavored with folk savors. A velvety, gentle melody, along with Loftus’ deliciously crystalline voice gives the song tantalizing coloration.

Speaking subjectively, entry points include “Fix Something,” a yummy country-pop tune riding a contagious, measured rhythm, as well as an enchanting piano. Loftus’ voice, with faint hints of country twang, infuses the lyrics with nuanced enticing timbres. Full of easy intimacy, it’s a charming confection of a voice.

“Down The Line” rides an infectious alt-rock melody atop a low-slung undulating rhythm, rife with cashmere colors and glowing energy. Creamy, luminous background harmonies give the music depth and scrumptious dimension. Soft, jangly guitars imbue the tune with buttery, gleaming washes of harmonic hues. Loftus’ voice exudes captivating burnished tones on graceful surfaces.

“Ghost In You” opens on a delicate acoustic guitar accented by an austere bass line and piano, as Loftus’ mellow sylph-like tones flow overhead, injecting the music with warm, lingering passion. The piano swells, filling the tune with shimmery elegance. This is a beautiful song.

“And You Are All Mine” features a measured country-pop melody, full of wall-of-sound vocal harmonies, illuminating the glorious range of Loftus’ superb voice.

Elegantly wrought, Keep Me Wild offers exquisitely stunning melodies highlighted by the luscious tones of Amy Loftus. This is a dazzlingly brilliant album.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.