Amy Studt Returns To Music With Her New Single And Lyric Video “I Was Jesus In Your Veins”

Amy Studt has been teasing new music for a while now, and although she’s dipped back in now and again, the official release of the track suggests she’s back for good. The new single, “I Was Jesus In Your Veins”, previously appeared as a b-side on the previous single “Different Colour Pills“, which has since been removed from all platforms.

Amy Studt hit the UK’s music industry hard in 2003, at just 16. She had three UK top 20 hits with “Just A Little Girl”, “Misfit”, and “Under The Thumb”. Her False Smiles album hit number 18 on the UK Chart. Her fourth single “All I Wanna Do”, a cover version of Sheryl Crow’s hit, spawned a re-release of her debut album. Unfortunately, it only charted at number 21, and she was subsequently dropped from her label. Five years later (2008), she returned with a second album My Paper Made Men which spawned three singles “Furniture”, “Chasing The Light”, and “Nice Boys”. Now, album three has been a long-time coming with plenty of teasers from this British singer-songwriter, we’re excited about this deep dark path she’s taken and cannot wait to hear more new music.

She previously released a music video for this track featuring scenes from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 film Spellbound; specifically, Salvador Dali’s dream sequence. The video has been removed but she has uploaded an interesting lyric video, created by Finnigan Kidd, alongside the release of this self-penned official single.

Watch Amy Studt’s Lyric Video To “I Was Jesus In Your Veins” Here:

The time away from releasing music has really allowed Amy Studt to find her sound. She’s gone down an indie route whilst breaking it up with a pure raw vocal which sounds beyond beautiful. This song suits her voice perfectly and although she’s always had an exceptional voice, the years have been good to her and she blows us away with her control and heartfelt emotion. This song clearly means a lot to her, especially since she’s technically released it twice, or three times if you count the music video. It’s a catchy track that has certainly improved with time, just like Amy Studt herself. This is one singer we would love to see live.

The lyric video isn’t a lot but it gives us a tease of what’s to come. Apparently, the release of “I Was Jesus In Your Veins” is the first of six releases which she plans to release every six weeks up until the date of her album release – this is certainly exciting and we hope to hear some more brand new music, although we expect “Different Colour Pills” will appear somewhere.

“I Was Jesus In Your Veins” is available to download and stream right now, via Crocodile Records London. If she sticks to her time schedule, we should get another single release in five weeks and three days.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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