And Then There Were None Review

BBC one have unveiled yet another brand new three part drama for the festive season.

This new drama is called ‘And Then There Were None’ and is based upon Agatha Christie’s novel also entitled ‘And Then There Were None’.

There have been other versions of this in the past including adaptions for television in countries such as America and Germany – I have not seen past versions, but people close to me have described these older versions as being very thrilling and exciting.

The first episode of this new version was first aired on boxing day. It has a great cast including the likes of Douglas Booth, Aidan Turner and Miranda Richardson!

The episode saw ten people get very strange letters inviting them to an island, Soldier Island – We see their arrival upon this island, everything seems normal.

However, all is not as it seems upon this serene seeming island – There is no sign of the people who have sent the letters; Marked as being Mr and Mrs UN Owen. The guests are left with Mr and Mrs Rogers – The housekeeper and butler.

As someone who hasn’t read the novel or seen previous versions the storyline surprised me and was acted out incredibly well by this cast.

Twist and turns are revealed in the first episodes with some shocks and revelations to these ten guests.

They embark as simple visitors, however – they soon start dropping, one by one.

I particularly enjoyed the character Anthony Marston which was played by Douglas Booth, the way his carelessness and harshness of his character was shown was just amazing.

Some of the guests travelling to Soldier Island
Some of the guests travelling to Soldier Island

Episode two was aired last night – There is still no sign of Mrs and Mrs UN Owen – However there is some thought about the meaning of their names, possibly UNKNOWN or maybe YOU KNOW WHEN?

It shows the remaining guests starting to get paranoid and almost lose their minds. They all seem to turn on one another within a second for the feeblest reasons.

You can sense the tension and vulnerability of these people remaining. The acting is excellent particularly from Maeve Dermody playing Vera Claythorne – You can sense her worry and her feeling of vulnerability and guilt as a character.

Also – The tension builds between the guests, particularly between Phillip Lombard (Aidan Turner) and Doctor Edward Armstrong (Toby Stephens).

As a whole – These two episodes have been very thrilling indeed to watch, the acting is incredible and as a viewer I actually fear for every single move the remaining characters make.

Both episodes have had me sitting on the edge of my seat and wondering what will happen next, very dramatic yet thrilling!

I look forward to the conclusion of this three part drama which is on tonight at 9.05pm on BBC One.

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