Angelina Jolie: Fitness Secrets

Angelina Jolie. Brangelina. The blue eyed beauty. The most beautiful and sensual actress in the world. Mother of the Rainbow Family. The world has showered Angelina Jolie with many names, titles and epithets. But it has not been very easy for the actress to gain the respect and fame in society and the entertainment industry.  She has gone through various ups and downs in her life to be able to reach the position she currently holds in the world. No matter what she had to endure in her life, two things that have remained constantly by her side were her family and her fitness schedule.

She is often commended for having a marvelous physique that most women envy her for. Here are the secrets to her workout schedules.

5. Yoga workouts are the best way to keep the muscles relaxed. Yoga is all about concentration and focus. Yoga helps in toning the muscles of the body. This makes sure that the person gets sleek yet sturdy muscles and body. Yoga helps in getting a sturdy body without becoming bulky.

Angelina Jolie: Fitness Secrets 74. Kick-boxing and martial arts require concentration, strength and immense stamina. It is not something everyone can adapt to. But Angelina Jolie prefers practicing kick-boxing in order to increase her stamina and physical strength. The hips and the thighs are the main areas which are concentrated upon in this workout. Kick-boxing helps in burning a lot of calories too.

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3. Jolie’s personal trainer Gunnar Peterson developed an exercise for her called Twisted Lounge which helps in keeping her butt in shape. This exercise reduces the extra fat in the lower part of the body and helps in maintaining a sleek figure.

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2. Aerobics is often considered as an exercise as well as a great stress buster. Performing aerobics helps in burning off those extra calories in the body. Aerobics are well known for toning muscles and increasing stamina.

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  1. Resistance exercises require a lot of strength especially when one has to lift weights and perform push ups. This increases shoulder strength as a whole and helps in maintaining body balance.

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