Angels and Airwaves: The Changing Face of Music

You either love them or loathe them. However, you cannot deny that the alternative rock band, ‘Angels and Airwaves’ are the most controversial and forward thinking of musicians in today’s ever-changing world of music.

The American supergroup founded by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge have released a new novel with an accompanying EP that further adds to the frontman’s ‘Poet Anderson’ saga, which began with 2014’s full-length album ‘The Dream Walker’.

The novel entitled ‘Poet Anderson… Of Nightmares’ by both DeLonge and best-selling author Suzanne Young and the new accompanying EP are just the latest additions to what is being envisioned as an ongoing multimedia saga. DeLonge began orchestrating the ‘Poet Anderson’ world with the 2014 animated short film, ‘Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker’, as well as a comic book of the same name.

DeLonge has also rumoured that a new song similar in style to the band’s premiere song, 2006’s ‘The Adventure’, is currently in the works. Although any follower of ‘Angels and Airwaves’ should take anything Tom DeLonge says with ‘a very large pinch of salt!’

Since the release of the bands’ fifth studio album last year, the soaring space rock sounds from their earlier days have since been replaced by a much more stripped down alternative rock and roll feel. Despite this very obvious shift in direction and tone, one thing that is certain is that the band are here to stay for quite a while longer.

‘…Of Nightmares’ EP Track List
1. “Home”
2. “Into the Night”
3. “View from Below”
4. “Parasomnia”

The four track EP ‘…Of Nightmares’ can be downloaded from iTunes.

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Written by CelebMix