Ängie: the new Swedish trap sensation

This self-proclaimed “Lil’ Weed Hoe” from Sweden is intent on taking over the world one song at a time. Ängie has just unveiled her debut single “Smoke Weed Eat Pussy” on Soundcloud and the only words to describe it are “LIT AF”.

To be honest, it will probably be stuck in our heads all day.


[Warning: This track may be awesome but it is explicit.]

The single is a choppy trap-hop introduction to the fiery singer. Big rolling bass-lines and powerful dark grime horns lay the foundations as Ängie proclaims, “I hit the blunt like I’m Slim Shady, cause I’m a mother-fucking lady.”

It’s clear that the fans LOVE the song. The comments that it gained on Soundcloud are evidence enough:

Ängie: the new Swedish trap sensation 1

Ängie: the new Swedish trap sensation 2

Ängie: the new Swedish trap sensation 3

Who wouldn’t? The song is awesome and edgy. It also gives you an idea of what Ängie is like as a singer. It’s that kind of song that will make you feel like a total bad ass. Some people might find the lyrics a bit offensive but we don’t because of the reasons that have been already mentioned above.

A tearaway from a young age, the singer says “I can be a complete c*nt sometimes, but it’s never on purpose…” She used to be found riding her bike around Stockholm, stealing flowers from her neighbour’s gardens, but now she’s more far likely to be skating the streets and celebrating sensimilia.

And with ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’ Ängie’s taking on the world with heady intent, ready to blaze a trail as she blossoms from this hard-hitting first bud.

If  you’re looking for a kind of music that is bold, edgy, and will make you feel like you can take on anyone at any place be sure to watch out for more of this Lil’ Weed Hoe’s awesome music! We assure you “Smoke Weed Eat Pussy” is just one of the many amazing tracks that this bad-ass gal from Sweden will come up with.

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Written by CelebMix