Anima, Is She The Next Big Thing?

“Hello, how are you guys doing today?”, her name is Anima and she is rapidly growing on YouTube. As we all know, making YouTube videos has never been easier or harder to start doing at the moment: so many views but so many videos.

Well, Anima has quickly gained a following on her YouTube channel: and we can’t see this growth stopping any time soon!

Back on January 21st the YouTube gamer hit her first massive milestone of 10,000 subscribers and since this she has hit over 11,000! Considering that she has only had the channel since 26th of May last year this is incredible.

So, you might be wondering what type of videos Anima makes? Well she does quite a variety. Her content ranges from games such as Life Is Strange, Undertale to game theories and talky videos about why comparisons suck. With this huge range of funny and relatable videos there’s bound to be something that everyone likes.

One of the reasons we love Anima so much is her honesty in videos. She recently did a video playing a wonderful game called “Coming Out Simulator” which follows the story of a boy coming out to his parents. She ended the video with a very important message “It does get better… If you feel the need to come out just do it safely and know that it gets better!”. Watch the video here:

In previous videos she has explained about her and her wife’s coming out story, both of which are very inspirational.

We want to wish Anima the best of luck for the future with the channel. We seriously recommend that you go and check out some of her videos, you are guaranteed for a treat!

Written by CelebMix