Annalise Azadian Releases "Passenger Mirror"

Annalise Azadian Releases Music Video for “Passenger Mirror”

Annalise Azadian is a singer and songwriter from New York City who’s continuing to make waves in the alternative-pop scene.

As a self-taught guitarist and songwriter since the age of 11, Annalise has always had a thing for music. She won her first award at the Apollo Theater at just 14 years old, performed at multiple New York venues, earned a feature on American Idol, and even studied at Berklee College of Music.

But what’s unique about her sound is the fact that she blends pop, soul, and hip hop elements into her music.

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Now at 20 years old, Annalise has performed at over eighty venues and received acclaim from press industry elite, including the legendary Elton John!

In her latest music video for “Passenger Mirror”, Annalise sings about the insecurities of where she’s going to go in life as she sits in a vintage Chevy on a trip with no destination.

With lyrics like, “I’ve been traveling around from city to city / And I gotta admit this world ain’t so pretty,” “I don’t know where I am headed / I’m just following the lights that are embedded in the passenger mirror,” and “I want to have it all / What does this really consist of,” you can truly tell she’s insecure about her life and wants to feel fulfilled.

But at what cost will it take to achieve that fulfillment? That’s the question many people ask and what makes this track so relatable. In the end, maybe the answer is to just always follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

Check out her music video for “Passenger Mirror” below:

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