Singing with Angels
Photo: Matt Ambrosini

Annalyse & Ryan Release Enchanting “Singing with Angels”

New York-based folk/Americana duo Annalyse & Ryan release their new single, “Singing with Angels,” a tribute to John Prine who recently passed away.

Engineered and mixed by Joseph Brent in Beacon, NY, and Inwood, NY. Andy Stack engineered Cindy Cashdollar’s contribution at Buffalo Stack Productions in Beacon, NY.

Talking about “Singing with Angels, Annalyse shares, “Even if you didn’t know him personally, John Prine had this innate ability to make you feel like you were his best friend simply through his music. He expressed so well what it was like to be human, even in those tiny throwaway moments when you think no one is watching — those moments that may seem meaningless, but they’re the ones that always tell the real story.”

While Ryan says, “We started writing this tune soon after John passed – having followed his horrific journey through this unthinkable virus and learning that it had taken him, we were devastated as so many in the music community were. The comradery we felt in the entire process of recording this song was palpable – all parties involved put their hearts into this project, and it came together because of this intense sense of community and love. Musicians have had a hard year and we’re just starting to come out of the haze. It’s important to us to pass along the stories, traditions, and styles of those who came before us and inspired us. And there’s nowhere else John Prine could be now but singing with angels.”

Inspired by the duo’s accidental meeting with Prine in a grocery store in Nashville, the song paints a picture of Prine in heaven still making music.

Opening on a low-slung, tender acoustic guitar accompanied by the delicious drawl of Cindy Cashdollar’s crying steel guitar, “Singing with Angels” travels on gentle Americana textures topped by the velvety voices of Annalyse and Ryan. When their lush tones merge in harmony, the tune takes on warm, sumptuous flavors.

Mellow, heartfelt and evocative, “Singing with Angels” offers simple, gorgeous layers of oh-so-wonderful Americana aromas.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.