Anne-Marie Announces New Album ‘Therapy’ and Releases ‘Our Song’ With Niall Horan

It’s safe to say that it’s a great time to be an Anne-Marie fan. The singer-songwriter has just released her new single ‘Our Song’; a collaboration with Niall Horan and announced details of new album Therapy set for release on 23rd July.

Back in October 2020, a photo was shared by Anne-Marie of Niall in the studio, much to the delight of fans. Having previously expressed a desire to collaborate with the ‘Heartbreak Weather’ artist it appeared that it was finally happening.

Last week Anne-Marie confirmed the news we’d all been waiting for with a not so cryptic Instagram post of her and Horan looking incredible in what we’ve later learned to be from the video shoot which was captioned “I’ve been keeping this one a secret for a while… @niallhoran”. A short clip of the track was also shared and now after a lot of teasing and waiting, fans have finally been able to hear the long-awaited collaboration between the two friends and it’s definitely worth the wait.

Written with Plested and TMS, ‘Our Song’ sings of those feelings you experience after a heartbreak, adjusting from being with a significant other in your life to what happens when something such as a song, takes you back to a time when you were with them. The track is sung from Niall and Anne-Marie’s POV as they both share the same feelings; “I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me, Sunday mornings, in my own bedsheets” and “I’ll be honest, I’m alright with me Sunday mornings, in my own white tee”. We love the upbeat, sing-along vibes this track instantly gives off as Niall and Anne-Marie’s vocals complement each other to make a truly special outcome. The chorus focuses on what happens upon hearing that special song, when you remember the times shared during the relationship but also the life after it. Realising that the song can still hold good memories but also help to create new ones as you move on from that time in your life; “I remember you’re gone, baby, it’s just the song on the radio. That we used to know.”.

A video for the single has also been shared, directed by Michael Holyk it sees the duo on the run as jewel thieves (think Bonnie and Clyde!) trying their best to evade capture when trying to leave the town and start all over again but in the end are surrounded by the police. They’re truly living their best lives driving through the countryside, singing along to their special song showcasing their incredible vocals and fun friendship in the process.

Commenting on their Instagram’s about the video, the duo says “We had a great time shooting it. So happy I was able to get in the studio with this amazing songwriter,” comments Horan. With Anne-Marie giving fans an insight into the behind the scenes, “It was so cold but I had 12 blankets and 4 hot water bottles hidden around me in the car hahahah. HOPE YOU LOVE IT”

Along with the release of ‘Our Song’, Anne-Marie has dropped the eagerly awaited news that #AM2 is officially nearly here. Titled Therapy, her second album is set for release on 23rd July 2021 via Major Toms/Asylum and we cannot wait! Since the release of her BRIT Award nominated debut album Speak Your Mind, fans have been given new material including infectiously fun ‘Birthday‘ and reflective ‘To Be Young‘ featuring Doja Cat to fill the time between albums. Although neither will feature on Therapy, latest singles ‘Don’t Play‘ with KSI and Digital Farm Animals and ‘Way Too Long’ with Nathan Dawe and MoStack will be on the track-list alongside ‘Our Song’. Therapy has been written with the likes of Max Martin, Kamille, MNEK, Raye, TMS, Blake Slatkin and Plested, produced by Mojam, Fred Ball, TMS and Blake Slatkin this looks set to be a firm contender for album of the year already.

Speaking about the forthcoming album, she comments, “Music is a source of healing for everyone and music is therapy itself, right?! I hadn’t realised until we were hit by the pandemic just how much I NEEDED music. I need to perform. I need to write. My lyrics are my open diary to you all and writing this album has helped me focus and understand my feelings. I needed this album.”

Opening up about the challenges she’s been through, she adds, “As well as seeking therapy from writing and music in general, I’ve also been on a journey of seeing a psychiatrist this past year and it has changed my life. I’ve always tried to be as open as I can with my fans about my own journey and through seeing a professional, I’ve been able to start combatting and understand the anxieties my brain has dealt me over the years. I am learning, and I am progressing. This album helped me get to that place too and it encapsulates lots of feelings and emotions, whether it’s tracks that focus on my own ride, or the ones that I have just loved making, and I hope you can lose yourself in it. I made this for you and me.”

Whilst giving fans an initial insight into what fans can expect from the forthcoming release, “It’s full of happy, sad, revenge, love and revelation and I hope you feel all of those things when you listen to it,”. Before leaving fans with an important takeaway message, “If you’re looking for a sign to reach out to someone and ask for help, this is it.”.

Anne-Marie has cemented herself as one of the most important musical artists of the 21st century, unafraid to speak out about causes and issues close to her heart this honesty is also laid bare within her tracks. If you want to find out more about Anne-Marie, a perfect starting place is her How To Be Anne-Marie YouTube documentary. The documentary shows her at her most honest and vulnerable looking back over the year in which she should have played the O2 Arena, we see her sitting down with Little Mix for a candid chat about the struggles of life in the spotlight as a solo artist. Going back to her home county of Essex, we see her speaking openly and honestly about the challenges she experienced growing up and those we don’t see in front of the camera, reminding us when things might look ‘perfect’ that it isn’t always the case. It also highlights the incredible and special bonds she shares with her friends, family and fiercely loyal fanbase. You can check it out below.

‘Our Song’ is available to download/stream now from HERE, whilst Anne-Marie’s second studio album Therapy is released on 23rd July 2021. You can pre-order the album now from Anne-Marie’s store and gain access to a presale for future tour dates along with exclusive merchandise bundles from colouring books to clothing. There are also special editions of the release available including an indies only vinyl variant, head HERE for all the details on how to pre-order Therapy. It’s been way too long since we’ve been at an Anne-Marie show and we have a feeling that a tour announcement might be closer than we think. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Written by Nicola Craig

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