Anne Twist supports the Jeans for Genes campaign

Harry Styles Mum Anne Twist is showing her support for the annual Jeans for Genes campaign.

Anne took to Instagram to show off this year’s T-Shirt for the campaign, which this year has a superhero theme, the T-shirt is a collaboration with DC Comics and Warner Brothers. It features Batman and was designed by Kingston School of Art.

Anne also supported the campaign for over five years always rocking the campaigns latest T’shirt design.

The Jeans for Genes campaign is run by the charity Genetic Disorders UK. The campaign aims to raise funds that support research into and treatment of genetic disorders in children.

Funds also support the needs of children affected by genetic disorders and their families and raise awareness of genetic disorders.

It is estimated that each year one in every 25 children in the UK is born carrying a genetic mutation that leads to one of 6,000 genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anaemia, fragile x syndrome etc. Some genetic disorders are diagnosed at birth and others take years to diagnose.

The  Jeans for Genes campaign, which was launched in 1992, calls for people to wear jeans and to make a small donation and support the work of the charity. The campaign centres around a variety of activities with a “jeans theme”, such as dressing up their jeans or adding accessories. encourages people to organize fundraising activities at work, school and in local communities.

The charity encourages everybody to participate by wearing a denim or blue accessory, or one of the “Jeans for Genes” t-shirts like Anne wears above as a means of supporting the charity and it’s the message it conveys “Wear jeans, change lives.”

You can order one of the Tshirts or find out more about the fantastic work the charity does here. T’shirts are priced at £20 and there are a variety of designs to choose from! This year’s Jeans for Genes day takes place from Monday 16- Friday 20 September. 

Written by Kelly McFarland

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