SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Members of 5 Seconds of Summer, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood, Michael Clifford and Luke Hemmings after a performance at the Metro Theatre, Sydney 2 June 2013. PHOTO: GEOFF JONES

Another day and 5SOS are Somewhere New

As we all know, 5 Seconds of Summer have been a band for over four years now and, well, in those four years they have done some incredible things. We would like to take some to time to reflect on their EP ‘Somewhere New’ which was released back in 2012. We recently tweeted out (on @CelebMix5SOS) a poll asking you which was your favourite song off of the EP and here are the results!

4. Gotta Get Out

Gotta Get Out is the fourth and final song which is on the EP and was written by Calum. The catchy guitar riff really completes the song as the boys sing beautiful vocals over the top. The Aussie group uploaded a video of the song over 3 years ago back in May 2012 and have gained a massive 6,900,000+ views on it! If you would like to check out the video full of fetus 5sos hair, make sure to watch it here:

3. Out of my Limit

At number three we have Out of my Limit, a well-known classic from the band. The song is featured as the second track on the EP and is the only song off the EP to have a proper music video. The video was filmed and edited by the amazing Bryce Jepson who captured the band on and off of the stage doing what they do best, being themselves. The video has gathered over 11,200,000 views since November 2012 and more than 146,000 likes! We absolutely adore this video as it shows how well the band developed as a sound and individually as people. If you would like to check out the video, feel free to watch it here:

2. Beside You

Beside You is the third track on the EP but is also featured on their debut Album, 5 Seconds of Summer. Despite the song being on two of their releases, the recording is different. On Somewhere New the song shows off their older style whereas on their album the recording is a lot newer. Having both the old and new track show the development of not just the vocals, but the backing music aswell! This song is well known within the fandom and has the lyric “Another day and I’m somewhere new”, which is where the EP title comes from. You can check out the older and new versions on the EP and self titled album, or you can watch a live acoustic version the did for NovaFM.



Unpredictable, written by Calum and Luke, was the top voted song off of the EP! Although all the other songs are fantastic, we can always trust this song to brighten the mood. The lyric line “Hey we’re taking in the world” was written over four years ago, little did they know back then that they would literally be taking on the world. Sadly, there isn’t a video for this great song but you can listen to it here:

So, there you have it! A look back on 5SOS’ EP Somewhere New. We are very proud of how far the boys have come and how they have grown as a band and as people. Do you agree with the order of these songs? Tweet us @Celebmix5SOS

Written by CelebMix