DISCOVER: Antonia’s Sexy New Video For “Dor de Tine”

Romanian female singer, Antonia, dropped her new music video today. “Dor de Tine” is planned to be her follow-up single to the awesome “Get Up And Dance” single she released last year.

The song was written by Irina Rimes and Alex Cotoi, with the music video filmed and directed by Khaled Mokhtar.

Watch Antonia’s “Dor de Tine” Music Video Here:

Just yesterday, Antonia dropped a teaser for this music video, announcing it was coming soon. Who knew that one day later we’d be watching the full video?

Totally sung in Romanian, her home language; the song is about loving someone who isn’t there when she needs him; she’s totally missing him.

The music video sees Antonia perform the song in various scenes. Throughout she is sultry and sexy in her diverse outfits.

Towards the middle of the video, she attends a party where she lives it up with her mates, clubbing away. The video also promotes an Avon product; the Advance Techniques Dry Shampoo, which Antonia can be seen spraying on another girl’s hair.

Antonia really embodies beauty with her performance; her expressive eyes and gorgeous facial features easily narrate the story behind the lyrics, even though we don’t understand Romanian.

Just last month, Antonia gave birth to her third child, her second son. Now she’s ready to release more music.

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