Antonia Teams Up With Lotus For Epic Remix Collection For “Wild Wild Horses” Featuring Jay Sean & Pitbull

We’re so glad to see this song return in a whole new form. Lotus has really given us a whole new take on this awesome song that deserves to go international. Originally titled “Wild Horses” and saw Jay Sean feature on the Antonia track, now we’ve got additional vocals from Pitbull, a new title which is “Wild Wild Horses” with Lotus totally mixing it all up. Alongside the remix package, a new music video dropped using the Bodybangers VIP Remix.

Lotus is an unknown DJ who has remixed quite a few tracks and added Pitbull on to many of them, this song is just another one to add to the collection. This time he has chosen Antonia’s “Wild Horses” which deserved to be an international hit when it was released back in 2014, especially with the feature from Jay Sean, it just didn’t happen. The song was just waiting for a remix package and hearing Pitbull being added to the music just makes this even better.

Antonia, full name Antonia Iacobescu, is a Romanian singer who hit internationally on Tom Boxer’s single “Morena”, she later followed that up with a number one single in her home country, titled “Marabou”. She’s been building up her career in her country by releasing amazing singles and collaborating with the likes of INNA, Alexandra Stan, Connect-R, and Achi. She also collaborated with Alex Velea, her partner, on her own single where he was an uncredited vocalist “Iubirea mea” and on his single “Sahara“. She is also a judge on the Romanian version of The Four and was a contestant on Uite cine danseaza (the Romanian version of Dancing With The Stars / Strictly Come Dancing – in English, the show’s title translates to “Look Who’s Dancing”) shown on Pro TV. Her partner was Paolo Campigotto, and they came sixth overall. She later incorporated what she had learned into her music video for “Tango“.

As for the features on this track, Jay Sean – real name Kamaljit Jhooti – is a British singer-songwriter who had great success early on in his career back in 2004-2010 however, he grew more internationally and started to chart better in other countries. He’s worked with Sean Paul, Nicki Minaj, Hardwell, and Lil Wayne with his biggest hit being “Down”. As for Pitbull – real name Armando Pérez – he has also worked with Jay Sean previously, on the song “I’m All Yours”. He’s world-renowned with a whole host of hits behind him but it doesn’t stop him from collaborating with more and more artists and releasing more and more music; Pitbull is here to stay, for sure.

This song, according to Spotify, was written by Andreas Schuller, Armando Christian Pérez, Boothe Jullian Andres, Jonnali Parmenius, Stephen Singer, and Wayne Hector. Also according to Spotify, the new version was produced by Stephen Singer, alongside the respective remixers. The original music video was directed by Iulian Moga, and since most of the same scenes are used throughout, we can presume he directed this remix version too.

Watch The Music Video To Lotus & Antonia’s “Wild Wild Horses” Featuring Jay Sean & Pitbull Here:

The music video is the exact same as the original but instead of giving us an order and telling us a story, we’re instead greeted to a jumble visual that flickers in time to the music and still gives us some sort of narrative whilst giving us flits to running horses in connection with the song.

As for the song itself, it’s pretty different to the piano ballad original. The original is pure bliss to every single listener as Antonia and Jay Sean’s vocals crescendo into a beautiful power ballad. What Lotus has done is something that becomes a grower, allowing us to hear this song in a whole new format with some incredible remixes from the likes of the Bodybangers, Danny Carlson, Robin Tune, and BigBeat.

The added vocals of Pitbull and – who we presume to be Lotus – adds flavour and development to the story, but strips away one of the best parts of the original song. We’re not quite sure if their additional lyrics bring anything of worth, but it does help to mix things up, and Pitbull’s passionate verse really proves why he is a staple within the music industry.

“Wild Wild Horses” is available to download and stream via Oceanlight Productions & Kontor Records. We hope to see this song gain more traction, as Antonia deserves to be known more globally.

We do love our remixes here at CelebMix, but we have to admit that you can’t beat the original, especially in this case.

Watch Antonia’s Original Music Video For “Wild Horses” Featuring Jay Sean Here:

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