Are Jedward About to Release Another Song?

Are Jedward about to release a new song? The Irish twins have been most prolific in that area this year, dropping no less than 3 songs, including ‘Oh Hell No’, which featured in Syfy’s Sharknado 3.

Speaking at this week’s IFTAs, where the duo presented the awards for ‘Best Animation’ and ‘Best Children’s/Young Peoples’, John told Irish national broadcaster RTE:

“What’s next is that, right now Edward is co-ordinating getting together new music videos to record, we’ve recorded three brand new songs so each of them is going to be a single.”

If this wasn’t exciting news enough, they added that the next track,

“Good Vibes, is a really happy song about being in a really, really nice place but it’s not the same because you need that person there who brings the good vibes and good energy.”

Jedward hope to have a third tilt at the Eurovision Song Contest next year, but this time for the United Kingdom. They represented their home country Ireland twice, in 2011 and 2012, with the best results for that country in a decade.

The twins also told RTE why they don’t often post photos with the many famous people whose paths they cross:

“We always have selfie opportunities. We were in a night club with David Beckham and Robbie Keane, and we got no pictures, but it was an awesome night,” Edward said.

John added, “Yeah like Wiz Khalifa, all these different people, you see them everywhere you go in LA, you see them and you’re like whoa…”

Edward revealed the reason behind their lack of selfies, “See the thing is if you get a picture with someone it puts you in a category of ‘oh you’re a fan’.”

With the MTV EMAs in Milan tomorrow night, it’s expected that the twins will be attending as guests of another famous person, their friend Ed Sheeran, who is co-hosting the event with Ruby Rose.

Written by CelebMix