Ariana Grande Announces Name for Third Album!

Look no further, Arianators! Ariana Grande has just announced the title to her third album!

Grande has kept her fans on their toes since the release of her sophomore album My Everything in 2014. The recent release of her newest single ‘Focus’ has created even more hype from the drought her fans were facing.

Sharing everything from teasers to studio selfies, Grande’s Snapchat (moonlightbae) keeps fans updated on her day-to-day life. Over the past few months, Ariana has been posting sneaky pictures of her music and kept fans guessing.

Ariana Grande Announces Name for Third Album! 1

Finally, today, it seemed as though Ariana was just posting her normal selfies and singing videos with friends when a certain picture caught the eye of followers. And just to confirm suspicions, Grande has taken to twitter to favorite fans’ tweets about her newest album, Dangerous Woman! And if you still think it is too good to be true, Ariana’s Twitter bio now reads ‘dangerous woman’ in confirmation.

Ariana Grande Announces Name for Third Album! 1

From the picture and from recent interviews, we can concur that one of the tracks is titled ‘Moonlight.’ Ariana’s recent obsession with the word led fans to believe that Moonlight would be the title of her new album, but alas!

Ariana Grande Announces Name for Third Album! 3

Dangerous Woman completes the essence of Grande’s strong views about women and equality. We have no doubt the album will be jam-packed with women empowerment tunes.

Ariana Grande Announces Name for Third Album! 2

From what we can learn from ‘Focus,’ we can make guesses about the style of this newest collection. ‘Focus’ has a large pop influence, giving it a catchy and peppy melody. The backing claps and rhythmic ensemble are similar of that to her previous single ‘Problem’ which can lead us to believe that this album will follow the same style musically as her last.

Ariana Grande Announces Name for Third Album! 1

Her sophomore album My Everything was number 1 on Billboard and number 1 on iTunes. The album featured everything from pop hits to R&B ballads. It’s no secret that Grande is a wonderful lyricist as displayed by this album in which she heavily had a hand in writing.

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Written by CelebMix