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Ariana Grande: The Dangerous Woman Whose Talent Deserves Better Praise

Ariana Grande is the petite woman with a big voice – a dangerous vocal powerhouse that can hold a note and do melisma’s for hours straight. She has been defined by many critics as a leading voice whose vocal abilities have sought the attention of some or all.

At only 22 years of age, Grande has achieved a multi-platinum album as well as numerous multi-platinum singles. She is a Grammy nominated artist whose debut album gained critical acclaim for it’s soothing and soulful tone.

While many have pointed out a large comparison to Mariah Carey, it’s safe to say that Ariana Grande has her own voice and that while some parts of her voice can easily be distinguishable and sound-alike to Carey’s, the clear tone and resonant sound coming out of her chords are absolutely divine.

With her third studio album due in May, we think it’s pretty important to acknowledge this talented young lady for all her accomplished achievements so far.

Ariana Grande: The Dangerous Woman Whose Talent Deserves Better Praise 1

It’s only the beginning of her career and people need to realize that no matter what you think of Grande as an artist, she has talent and can sing the house down. It’s time to stop criticizing women like Ariana simply for having an opinion and for simply dressing how she wants to dress.

Many media outlets like to focus on this young ladies’ personal life and unnecessary drama that it takes away from who she really is as a singer and musician.

Focus on how she’s taking the music industry by stride by allowing herself to be vulnerable and open to change. Being afraid doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you accept your faults. We aren’t perfect – so it doesn’t really give you permission to pick on people when they’re trying so hard to succeed in a world where everything can get turned against you.

She’s readily passionate about music and when she gets into her own quiet space and comfort zone, everything comes together for the amazingly successful artist.

Speaking of success, Grande’s ‘Dangerous Woman’ is one of this decades most sultry songs and the slightly rock-edge it gives off shows she’s a pretty diverse artist when it comes to experimenting with other genres and influences.

Rolling Stone even stated, “the thrush-size diva with the five-alarm vocal power knocks out a sumptuously bluesy ode to her own awesomely lethal ladyhood.”

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Written by Dannii C.

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