Ariana Grande Reunites *NSYNC at Coachella

No, this is not 1999, although the live stream made it look like it. It is 2019 and *NSYNC (technically SYNC) just performed with Ariana Grande at Coachella, sorry we mean Arichella.

That’s right. Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and JC Chasez performed together for the first time since 2013, when they took the stage for Justin Timberlake’s MTV Video Vanguard Award Acceptance.

Timberlake, the fifth member of the iconic band, just wrapped up his 115 city world tour the same weekend, making rehearsals and an appearance impossible, but 4 out of 5 members is still better than none.

Ariana and the guys performed their hits “Tearin’ Up my Heart” and “It Makes Me Ill,” which Grande samples on her song “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.”

All five of them on stage slayed the choreography and made every 90’s kid heart flutter.

Chasez, Bass, and Grande hinted at the performance on Twitter hours before they took to the stage. Chasez tweeted the same thing the official *NSYNC page did right before their VMAs performance.

Fans went into a frenzy when Grande quoted his tweet after posting numerous videos on her Instagram of old performances of the band.

Bass joined in on the fun quoting on of the band’s songs.

Grande was the headliner of the night and sang a lot of her discography. If you missed any of her or anyone else’s performances from Sunday night, check out the live stream below.

If you want to see even more content, tune in to Frankie Grande’s, Ariana’s brother and social media mogul, Instagram story.

Did you fangirl just as much as we did? We are always holding out hope for a reunion tour.

From Left: Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, and Chris Kirkpatrick at Coachella

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Written by Brittany Sims

Brittany is a 2019 graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, where she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Journalism. Her love for writing started as a child and grew from there. When she started becoming obsessed with celebrities and pop culture, Brittany decided to start a career in Journalism.