How did Ariana Grande spend her 23rd birthday?

Ariana Grande has just turned 23 and what better way to celebrate? The way Ariana did of course! Some friends, dance parties and performing for all her fans? There’s no better way!

Counting down the hours left of being a 22 year old, Ariana spent some time with her friends while having some drinks and dancing to crazy music

How Ariana spent her 23rd birthday 1
Things got better the day of Ari’s birthday. She got to spend it with some lucky fans in Chicago at the B96 summerbash!
Ariana and friends had started out by celebrating while on the way to the summerbash and obviously singing along to some Beyoncé and Disney tunes, the perfect Ariana combination.

How Ariana spent her 23rd birthday 1
And lucky for Ariana, the summerbash wanted to make the now 23 year olds birthday one to remember. The place was decorated in balloons everywhere to let everyone know that it was a special someones big day!

How Ariana spent her 23rd birthday 2

Ariana spent her big day doing something she loves…performing!
Fans got to hear some old and new hits on the stage of the summerbash. Coming in with bang bang as her opening song and continuing with her past hit songs problem, love me harder, break free. Don’t worry though, she had to bring in her new ones too! Everyone was bopping to side to side, everyday, greedy, into you and of course dangerous woman. Thankfully, friends of Ariana had snapchatted the performance letting us get a live inside look of the night even if we weren’t physically present.

How Ariana spent her 23rd birthday 3

Ariana for sure had an unforgettable night having the whole audience sing happy birthday to the pop star.

Ari shared two new gorgeous looking pictures of herself for all of us to see. It’s like it was our birthday!



Happy 23rd birthday Ariana Grande! We hope you had a fantastic day!

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