Artikal Sound System

Artikal Sound System Releases Plush “Stayed”

Florida-based reggae-rock band Artikal Sound System drops their newest single, “Stayed,” a track from their upcoming album, Welcome to Florida, via Controlled Substance Sound Labs.

Frontwoman Logan Rex explains, “Next time you’re thinking about texting your ex, listen to this song instead. This one is for when you know it’s for the best, you’re not together anymore but you can’t help but look back and romanticize the past. So, when that moment comes around, where you just want to wrap yourself up in the familiarity of someone you once had, play this song and then keep moving on.”

Comprising Chris Montague (guitar), Fabian Acuña (bass), Christopher Cope (keyboards), Adam Kampf (drums), and Logan Rex (vocals), Artikal Sound System got together in 2012, followed by writing, recording, and releasing delicious sonic confections.

The forthcoming album – Welcome to Florida – was produced by Danny Kalb and recorded at the home studio of Chris Montague in Boynton Beach, Florida, and Dean Fishback’s Seven Hills studio in Lauderhill, Florida, while Logan recorded her vocals at White Star Studio, just outside Charlottesville, Virginia.

Artikal Sound System has shared the stage with Common Kings, Eli Mac, Fortunate Youth, The Hip Abduction, The Green, Badfish, Ballyhoo, Bumpin Uglies, Josh Heinrichs, and The Elovaters. They’ve performed at Reggae Rise Up, Arizona Roots, Summerfest, Dirty Heads Orlando Vacation, Dry Diggings, and Reggae in the Rockies.

“Stayed” opens on luscious keyboards topped by the scrummy tones of Logan Rex, whose unique timbres imbue the lyrics with sensuous textures. Merging hints of reggae with alt-rock and pop flavors, the leitmotifs of “Stayed” provide creamy, gliding layers of harmonics riding a potent, alluring rhythm.

With “Stayed,” Artikal Sound System struts their gift for making lush, bewitching music capped by the elite voice of Logan Rex.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.