Singer-Songwriter Alec Benjamin

Artist 101: Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin is the 23 year old singer song-writer from Phoenix, Arizona, who is slowly but surely making his mark on the music industry.

Armed with a guitar and a skateboard, Alec’s innocent vocals are reminiscent of a much more stripped back Owl City or The Postal Service.  It is his simple and honest approach to songwriting, accompanied by lo-fi beats which take the listener on a journey through some of Alec’s real life experiences.  In many ways, this young musician has created his own unique style of music, as you will not find another artist who sounds like him.

So let’s get down to business and find out a little more about our boy Alec, shall we?

When is Alec’s birthday?

Alec was born on the 28th May 1994, which, in case you’re interested, happened to be a Saturday.

Who are Alec’s influences?

From Eminem to John Mayer, Dr. Dre to blink-182, Alec has a diverse range of musical influences… Oh and FYI – he does a great rendition of Eminem’s “Stan” in case you ever want to put in a song request during his next Facebook live session! (Thank us later).

Which songs is Alec best known for?

Alec has built up quite a catalogue of beautiful songs that tell a story, bringing in a strong fanbase from all over the world, but here are some of his most popular songs to date:

Paper Crown

The Water Fountain

I Built a Friend

And if you enjoyed these songs, you’ll be happy to know that Alec has his own YouTube channel that 112,842 people already subscribe to with heaps of music for you to have a listen to!

Anything else I should know about Alec Benjamin?

Alec found success writing songs with the likes of Jon Bellion, including a feature on a song called “New York Soul Pt. II” which was taken from Jon’s album titled “The Human Condition”.

Not only that but back in May 2017, Alec’s song “I Built A Friend” was used by America’s Got Talent contestant Merrick Hanna as backing material for a dance audition!

Can I follow Alec Benjamin on social media?

Absolutely! And the great thing about Alec is that he loves to engage with his fans, so get tweeting!

Twitter: @AlecBenjamin

Instagram: alecbenjamin

Facebook: AlecBenjaminMusic 

Snapchat: alecbenji


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Written by CelebMix