Artist 101: Enrique Iglesias

Who is Enrique Iglesias?

Artist 101: Enrique Iglesias 1

Enrique is a Spanish pop singer.

When is his birthday?

8th May 1975

What is his most popular song?

Hero from his album Escape.

What else do I need to know about him?

Enrique started out in the music industry by borrowing money from his nanny. He then headed off to a record label to see if he could get a deal without telling his parents. He also used a fake name so he wouldn’t get fame from his dad, Julio Iglesias

Since finding his fame, Enrique has definitely dominated the Spanish pop world. He has more awards under his belt then most artists. He has over 200 awards and has been nominated over 465 times for different awards! His huge selection of awards 23 Billboard music awards and 35 Latin Billboard Music Awards! It’s not surprising though considering that his fanbase ranges from 5 year old to 40 year olds and above!

He’s not just a musical icon either, he also part owns a rum company and a restaurant chain! He also has a fragrance out. Also, he’s best friends with popular rapper Pitbull and the pair have collaborated many times. Pitbull has also hinted at a tour together which is exciting!

He is a man for the fans too! Once, he got injured on stage by a drone. He slashed his fingers open and still carried on playing his show.

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