Artist 101: Jack & Jack

Who are the members of Jack & Jack?

Jack Johnson

Artist 101: Jack & Jack 1

Jack Gilinsky

Artist 101: Jack & Jack 1

When are their birthdays?

Jack Johnson – 24th March 1996

Jack Gilinsky – 10th September 1996

What is their most popular song?

California which is from their EP Calibraska

What else do you need to know about Jack & Jack?

Jack & Jack were childhood best friends along with fellow vine star Sammy Wilkinson. Jack Johnson started a Vine account first and then as his vines grew, Gilinsky joined in and they both built their account. As they grew in popularity, Johnson renamed the Vine account Jack & Jack. The pair used to be part of Magcon with Shawn Mendes, Matthew Espinosa, Cameron Dallas and more. The two of them have released one EP, Calibraska along with a few singles such as Like That featuring Skate. They’ve also appeared on songs with Emblem3 and Sammy Wilkinson as well as appearing in videos with the Janoskians.

Social media links:

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Gilinsky: TwitterSnapchatInstagram

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