Artist 101: Julia Samoylova

This guide contains everything you need to know about Russian singer and composer Julia Samoylova.

When is her birthday?

7 April 1989

What is her most popular song?

‘Flame Is Burning’

What else should I know about Julia Samoylova?

Yuliya Olegovna Samoylova (known as Yuliya Samoylova or Julia Samoylova) is a singer from Russia. Her career began when she started performing for oil workers in her hometown. In 2008, Julia founded the heavy alternative band TerraNova. They were were together for two years before their split in 2010. As well as this, she has studied psychology at the Modern Humanitarian Academy.

In 2013, Julia participated in the third season of Faktor A (the Russian version of X Factor). She made it through to the final of the competition finishing in second place. She then went on to perform at the Winter Paralympics in 2014.

Earlier this year, Julia was selected to represent Russia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv. She was chosen through an internal selection, and was due to perform the song ‘Flame Is Burning’. However, Russia had to withdraw their entry as the ‘Security Service of Ukraine’ banned Julia from entering Ukraine. This is because she entered Crimea in 2015, therefore she will not be participating in the competition which kicks off next week.

What are her social media links?



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Written by Lynn Macgillivray

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