Måneskin promo photo for "Superstore" sees the band relaxing around a pool. Damiano is on a blue float, dressed in a black robe, Victoria is living her Cruella De Ville fantasy on the side of the pool in a black and white coat, Thomas is standing in bright red trousers, black shirt and coat, and a cowboy hat, and Ethan is wearing an unbuttoned long-sleeve denim shirt and black trousers.

Måneskin are back with an addicting new single “Supermodel” which they performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 alongside a rendition of Elvis Presley’s “If I Can Dream”

Last week saw Måneskin return with a brand new single, titled “Supermodel”, in perfect timing for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, where they exclusively premiered the track live on the stage as well as an insight into the upcoming Elvis Presley film, to which they were involved in, and so they also sang a cover of “If I Can Dream”. The song follows up their previous single “MAMMAMIA” and they are set to perform “Supermodel” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, today.

Måneskin are a four-piece Italian rock band consisting of Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, and Ethan Torchio. They took part in the eleventh series of the Italian talent show X Factor, where they placed second. They started to release music and hit the Italian charts hard, and ended up competing in the Sanremo Music Festival 2021 with “Zitti e buoni”, where they went on to win and received an offer to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which they accepted. They went off to Rotterdam, the Netherlands to represent their country and in a battle of points, they went on to win – the first time Italy had won the contest in 31 years. They became overnight successes racking global chart hits, not just with their Eurovision song, “Zitti e buoni”, but also with their previously released song “Coraline” and cover of the Four Seasons’ “Beggin'”, which was made popular by Madcon. They quickly followed their Eurovision song up with “I Wanna Be Your Slave“, riding on their chart successes and becoming a global hit. Måneskin are certainly the biggest international Eurovision winner, this side of the century and have been in Los Angeles working on their latest album – which is where “Supermodel” has come from.

This song has been written by Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi, Ethan Torchio, Max Martin, Justin Tranter, Rami Yacoub, and Sylvester Sivertsen, while it has been produced by Max Martin, Rami Yacoub, and Sylvester Sivertsen.

Watch Måneskin perform “Supermodel” at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 here:

Talking about the track, the band said: “We wrote ‘Supermodel’ after spending the best few months in LA. At times we were surprised yet intrigued to find how people cared so much about the idea of ‘celebrity’ and status, obsessing over their looks and connections. We started to imagine an enigmatic ‘Supermodel’ character. She is really cool, fun and social, yet in reality, she is troubled, hiding sadness and addiction. In a way, you love her because she knows how to have a good time, but you also want to avoid her, because she might get you into trouble”

“She’s a 90’s supermodel, uh, uh, uh”, Måneskin impresses to no end, once again, bringing a pure emotional performance on the Eurovision stage that is like no other. Addicting lyrics that will certainly get stuck in your head thanks to Damiano David’s raspy vocals, “Supermodel” is imaginative and super-charged. Lyrically brilliant, the band envisages this image of a 90’s supermodel in Los Angeles, and we can totally imagine the type of person they are singing about. The infectious rock grooves are full of energy that encapsulates the classic rock’n’roll sound from decades gone mixed up with an oh-so-modern rhythm and channel that really brings rock back into the fold of popular music. “Supermodel” continually allows Måneskin to carve their name in the music industry as a whole and they are set to go down in history as one of the top rock bands this century.

Stream Måneskin’s new single “Supermodel” here:

“Supermodel” is available to download and stream right now via Epic and Sony Music Entertainment Italy. Look out for Måneskin performing “Supermodel” on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, tonight. The band has amassed over 5 billion Spotify streams and counting, and last week saw their single “Beggin'” hit 1 billion Spotify streams, alone.

Having gone from busking around Rome, Italy in 2015, to now selling out tours across the globe, there really is no stopping Måneskin and we are living for every single career-defining moment, including their work with Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming biopic Elvis, based on the legendary singer Elvis Presley, where they will be a part of the soundtrack. They gave us a slight insight into this, with a rendition of the song “If I Can Dream”, right on the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 stage.

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 saw Ukrainian representatives, Kalush Orchestra, win the contest with their song “Stefania”. Questions remain as to whether Ukraine will be able to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, or whether another country will step in for hosting duties.

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