ARTIST 101: Lo

Today we introduce you to Bubblegum Popstress, Lo

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about the Bubblegum Popstress, Lo.

Who is Lo?

Lo is a singer-songwriter from Nashville with her most recent helping of music, ‘Drumline’ proving she is a bad-ass one woman show who can produce the sweetest tracks in the Bubblegum Pop realm. That’s right! She writes, produces and plays all of her own material after learning how to produce music with the last $200 in her bank account back when she first started out in the music industry.

Before all that, she was the first person in her family who could afford going college, so she went to Vanderbilt University to earn a Dance Scholarship. Being a first generation college student, she felt the pressure of choosing a secure business career route, but that was clearly not Lo’s destiny.

An interesting fact about the Bubblegum Popstress is that she was actually named “SEC Dancer of the Year” when she danced at Vanderbilt. She has described the accolade as, ‘One of my favourite moments because my coaches lied to me and told they needed me to go up to the camera to do a pizza promo for the crowd… but instead, I got the award and was surprised in front of the whole Georgia Dome!’

Whilst Lo was still working towards a Dance Scholarship, she became an intern for a publishing company in Nashville, Tennessee where she landed song-writing gigs for other artists and began to make her mark in the music industry. This is when she would eventually make her debut as a solo artist with her debut single, ‘Good Good’.

When is her birthday?

Lo was born on 27th February 1992.

What is her most popular single?

With Lo only having two single releases so far, ‘Good Good’ has been her most popular single to date. ‘Good Good’ received a critical reception initially, the punchy bubblegum pop single was included in playlists such as, Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Pop’ and ‘Hot Tracks’ as well as Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds’ and ‘Hipytonix’. This also lead to the single being added to ‘Best of 2017’ year-end lists, without any label or PR help at all.

What are her social media handles?




Her latest single, ‘Drumline’ is available now.

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