Artist 101: Marian Hill

Who is Marian Hill?

Marian Hill is a duo from Philadephia consisting of members Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol. While Jeremy is a production artist, Samantha is a vocalist. Their songs can be clubbed under the genre of “synthpop” and “alternative R&B”.

When are their birthdays?

Jeremy Lloyd: February 14, 1990

Samantha Gongol: April 14, 1990

What is their most popular song?

Down. When Apple‘s commercial for iPhone 7 + air pods came out, everyone went berserk over the artist’s dance and the background music. Down was the song that was used in the commercial.

Its subtle combination of jazzy tune and beat drops keep listeners hooked and Lil Buck’s beautiful dance just adds to the fun. Apart from Down, “One Time” by the duo is also quite popular.

What else do I need to know?

Down might have garnered attention now but Marian Hill have been in the musical circle for quite some time. They released their first EP in the year 2013 featuring Steve Davit. Last year, the duo released their album “Act One” that consists of 12 songs including Down.

The New York Times has critically appreciated their music. Today, a large number of songs are produced on either guitar or piano but Marian Hill with their Jazz music have brought back instruments like the saxophone into the picture.

A lot of artists are now collaborating with them. Recently, Lauren Jauregui collaborated with Marian Hill for her beautiful solo single “Back to Me”.

What are their social media links?

Twitter: @MarianHillMusic

Facebook: @MarianHillMusic

Instagram: marianhillmusic

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