Peppermint Heaven Releases New Single “1-2-3”

Los Angeles-based duo Peppermint Heaven, aka Juno and Spark, releases their brand-new single, “1-2-3,” the first track from their upcoming EP, Rocktropolis, via Megahit Records.

Talking about the glam-rock-inspired EP, Spark shares, “In the making of ‘Rocktropolis,’ we wanted to do a tribute to the past, as well as give a strong message to the present and future about what we could all do to help the world. Juno’s lead singing in this EP is strong and can lead into the future to inspire all!”

Peppermint Heaven has spent the last decade creating synth-wave, indie, and pop music influenced by the ‘80s. On their latest project, the duo conveys their love of glam rock. Produced by Peppermint Heaven and mixed by multi-platinum mixer/producer Brian Reeves (Selena Gomez, SimpleMinds, Giorgia Moroder, Pet Shop Boys), “1-2-3” sees the pair headed in a new direction.

Spark explains, “‘1-2-3’ is a healing poem and we are really proud of it in its completed form. Thanks to Brian Reeves who did a great job with the final mix of this great song.”

With more than 10 million streams on Spotify and over 54,000 monthly listeners, Peppermint Heaven has been featured in elite outlets like CLASH, Datatransmission, and Magnetic Magazine. In addition, they have collaborated on remixes with many top UK talents, including Full Intention, Moto Blanco, Lynx, FNP, AM2PM, Seamus Haji, Almighty, Chords, Danvers, Oscurco, and Revaux.

“1-2-3” opens on shimmering, wavering tones riding a syncopated rhythm as Juno’s smooth, lush vocals imbue the lyrics with warm timbres. Luminous washes of leitmotifs give the melody coruscating textures, highlighted by the funk-lite bassline.

Gleaming and pulsating with rippling synths, “1-2-3” delivers polychromatic suffusions of alluring glam-rock capped by glossy vocals.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.