Artist 101: Neck Deep

Your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about Neck Deep.

Who are the members of Neck Deep?

Ben Barlow (vocalist)

Artist 101: Neck Deep 1

Fil Thorpe-Evans (bassist)

Artist 101: Neck Deep 1

Dani Washington (drummer)

Artist 101: Neck Deep 2

Matt West (guitarist)

Artist 101: Neck Deep 3

Sam Bowden (guitarist)

Artist 101: Neck Deep 4

When are their birthdays?

Ben Barlow – 22nd July 1994

Fil Thorpe-Evans – 31st August 1992

Dani Washington – 15th August 1994

Matt West – 26th September 1991

Sam Bowden – 22nd July 1993

What is Neck Deep’s most popular song?

Can’t Kick Up The Roots

What else do I need to know about the band?

Neck Deep are a Welsh pop punk band that formed in 2012. They’ve released a numerous amount of EPs and albums, including their 2015 album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, which debuted at number 8 on the UK album charts. The five-piece signed to Hopeless Records in 2013 and have toured as a support act with the likes of We Are The In Crowd and Bring Me The Horizon, as well as touring the globe on a co-headlining tour with American pop-punk group, State Champs. The band have won an award for Best British Newcomer in the 2014 Kerrang! Awards and the award for Best Live Band in the 2016 APMAs.

What is Neck Deep’s social media?

Band: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTubeOfficial Website

Ben Barlow: Twitter | Instagram

Fil Thorpe-Evans: Twitter | Instagram

Dani Washington: Twitter | Instagram

Matt West: Twitter | Instagram

Sam Bowden: Twitter | Instagram

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