ARTIST 101: Salt Ashes

We introduce you to Salt Ashes with our latest Artist 101

This Artist 101 guide contains everything you need to know about the Electro-Pop Artist known as Salt Ashes.

Who is Salt Ashes?

Salt Ashes is an electronic pop artist from London, UK who is signed to an independent label known as Radikal Records. She broke into the music scene with the release of her self-titled debut album back in 2016 and is serving up a helping of new music with the recent single, ‘Girls’.

‘Girls’ was released earlier this month and was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK and also crept its way into The Pop List. If you’re a fan of either Kylie Minogue, Tove Lo, Grimes or maybe you’re like us and you love them all, then Salt Ashes is your next artist to fall in love with.

Drawing inspiration from Giorgio Moroder’s unique blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres with her own signature lyrics, melodies and a zeitgeist club sound, Salt Ashes has earned stamps of approval from the likes of The Guardian, Billboard, MTV, Attitude Magazine, NOISEY, Popjustice, Wonderland, CLASH, Missguided and BBC Radio (Introducing, Radio 1 & 1Xtra) to name a few.

With the release of ‘Girls’, Salt Ashes has explained the meaning behind her latest single:

“‘Girls’ is about a situation that I’m sure many can relate to; when someone makes an assumption that you want more than just friendship based on their interpretation of how you act or dress.  The track is about breaking the stereotypes of people who want to express themselves and their sexuality freely without the “slut shaming” or being told that they’re “asking for it.”

“I’d hope for the song to inspire confidence within people to stick to their decisions with who they want to be… I wanted the photo shoot to build on that with a strong message by trying to mess with stereotypes and ‘seeing with the eyes of the other person’ before making assumptions or judgements.”

Salt Ashes has a rather unique way of keeping her creative juices flowing, she exclusively told CelebMix, “One thing about me is that once a year I like to take myself away for a month to a remote island where I can switch off and recharge myself. It’s a great way to prepare yourself for a busy year ahead.’

When is her birthday?

Salt Ashes was born 25th January.

What is her most popular single?

Despite the accelerating popularity of ‘Girls’, it’s not her most popular single to date just yet. It is in fact ‘If You Let Me Go’, which peaked at number five on the Billboard Dance Club Songs. This has lead to Salt Ashes opening for artists such as Tove Styrke and Little Boots.

However, with the electro-pop artist currently working on new music due for release at some point this year, we may have to update this article quite soon if her ever-growing popularity is something to go by!

What are her social media handles?





Salt Ashes’ latest single, ‘Girls’ is available now.


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