Artist 101: Slaves

Your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about Slaves.

Who are the members of Slaves?

Isaac Holman (drums/vocals)

Laurie Vincent (guitar/bass/vocals)

Artist 101: Slaves 5
Isaac Holman (left), Laurie Vincent (right)

What is their most popular song?

Cheer Up London

What else do I need to know about the band?

Slaves are an English punk duo originating from Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, that formed in 2012. They self-released an EP titled Sugar Coated Bitter Truth in 2012 before being signed to Virgin EMI in 2014. The two-piece released their first single under Virgin EMI, “Hey”, in November 2014 followed by “The Hunter” in the same month. The duo’s debut album, Are You Satisfied?, was released in 2015, reaching number 8 on the UK Albums Chart in its first week. Are You Satisfied? was nominated for the 2015 Mercury Music Prize. The band have played at festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festival, as well as touring a variety of countries on their own headline tours.

What is Slaves’ social media?

Band: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | VevoGoogle+Official Website

Laurie Vincent: Instagram

Isaac Holman: Instagram

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